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  1. Can you please let me know  which passport pickup address we must give in Vancouver Canada. Last time when I had my interview in Vancouver in 2014 I gave Loomis Richmond address but now it seems it is not there so what is good pickup location we need to give.

  2. h1_canada

    How to schedule H1B Visa Appoinment at Vancouver Canada

  3. h1_canada

    H1B approved on Dec8th at Vancouver

    It depends on where you are planning to stay(I mean better to choose the one which is close to your hotel). If you want the one which is close to the consulate, then you can choose 595 Burrard St, Vancouver location. FYI-I picked up from 595 Burrard St location.
  4. h1_canada

    H1B approved on Dec8th at Vancouver

    Not sure, but is your masters degree and your current job are different? as per forum, now a days they are asking those 2 questions and they are approving in 1-2 weeks.
  5. h1_canada

    H1B approved on Dec8th at Vancouver

    I got passport on Monday Dec 12th.
  6. h1_canada

    H1B approved on Dec8th at Vancouver

    Looks like i saw only one h1b on that day and seems she got her visa. I see lot of other visas.
  7. Thanks everyone for sharing information. I had interview on Dec 8th at Vancouver, landed on Dec 7th took train(C$9) to downtown and stayed at Barclay Hotel which is close to the consulate(15 min walk). This is my extension, first i had at Calgary in Dec 2012. Interview: Dec 8th 9:00 AM(went there by around 8:40 and they let me in) Model: EVC VO: what is your job title? VO: how long your are working? VO: What is your highest degree? She said Visa is approved and i will get it in 3-5 business days. I'll be in Vancouver till i get my passport back if anyone needs to share accommodation please contact me.
  8. Hi, Shared accommodation available in Vancouver from Dec 7th. close to the consulate.
  9. Hi, Anyone have H1B stamping on Dec 8th in Vancouver? please let me know if anyone has sharing room available.
  10. h1_canada


    I sent a message
  11. h1_canada


    I have on Dec 6, 2016. what are your plans?
  12. h1_canada

    Calgary Interview - NOV 30TH

    Mine is on Dec 6, 2016. what is your plan?
  13. Hi, Is there anyone who has H1B stamping at Calgary on Dec 6, 2016?? Please let me know if anyone has room available.
  14. Hi all, Thanks to Murthy forum!! Had Interview on Dec 18th for almost 10 people(H1B) and as far as i know all of them got approved. And got passport back on Dec 21st. My Background----F1-H1B(First time stamping) Model- EVC Did amendment in NOV-2012. for me questions asked.... who is ur employer? what do you do? what is ur highest degree? asked only resume. She already had my DS-confirmation, I-797, passport, I-129 and employer letter. finally said collect ur passport from courier and she returned all docs except I-797,passport and DS-confirmation. Good Luck everyone!!!
  15. h1_canada

    Interview on dec18th calgary

    Hi All, I have appointment on dec18th calgary, so i'm looking for accommodation please let me know if there is any accommodation available from dec17th or if anyone is in the same boat we can plan together. please reply or contact me naveen_it12@yahoo.com asap.