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  1. mar01

    H1 stamping question!

    You could use the client letter if its dated within the last month i think. Also take latest employer letter, pay stubs and bank statements. Other documents would be the same.
  2. you could remove the date and take the letter if it has your start and end dates mentioned. also keep a copy from your manager which states that they cannot provide it with dates
  3. mar01

    Successful H1B stamping- Vancouver, CA

    my status changed to issued on 13th and i just received the email at 12 am on 18th
  4. I just got the email. I hope you all got it too.
  5. What can you do if you dont have a multiple entry visa? Is it difficult to get another visitor visa from india?
  6. Anyone got emails today? I got an email asking for additional documents on Monday and sent them.
  7. Interviewed by asian VO on 27th Nov 2012 at 9:30 and got 221g white form. My client got the email from the consulate the next day 28th around 7 in the morning and he replied by 3 in the afternoon. No updates since then. Anyone got email from consulate after that? Any idea how long this might take?
  8. mar01

    221 G White slip in Ottawa

    Any updates yet? I am waiting since client replied on Nov 28th. Please contact me at akhi_redds@yahoo.co.in
  9. 221g on Nov 27th. Email to cleint 28th. Same day reply. No updates since then
  10. mar01

    Ottawa Ordeal in H1 Stamping

    Can you please give any updates pal1890? Are your friends still waiting? Did they get any emails last week?
  11. I got the 221G on Nov 27th in Ottawa. My client got the questionnaire on Nov 28th morning and replied by afternoon after consulting immigration lawyer with appropriate answers. I am still waiting for the email from the consulate. My client also emailed them last Friday mentioning that there are some delays in their projects due to this. But got no response. Anyone else in the same situation waiting for email and who got 221g in same week? Please contact me at akhi_redds@yahoo.co.in Also, I am in a situation due to my visitor visa issue in Canada. I had a single entry visitor visa (huge mistake). The immigration officer at the airport was extremely rude and told me that I have to leave the country by Nov 30th or I will be arrested. I followed up with my immigration lawyer and he told me I could apply for extension of stay and it would be ok. Now my problem is, I have to travel to India by Nov 23rd due to an emergency. Can I expect an email this week? What are my other options? 1. I cannot withdraw and apply again in India - my client may not cooperate. 2. Can I travel to India for 2 weeks and come back? I have my passport. Will I be able to get another Canada visitor visa from Hyderabad? 3. Usually if client replies positively, does it take 2-3 weeks or more? Any help/advise is greatly appreciated.
  12. I got 221g on Nov 27th in Ottawa. My Client got email with Questionnaire on 29th and replied same day. Which email address did you use to ask for status update? Is it ok to send email? Will it help?