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  1. My current employer 'A' filed H1B FY2014 under cap masters quota and Got my H1B approved last month My OPT will exprire in few more days 07/25/2013 My Client want to offer me a full time now. can i get my H1B trasfered before OCT 1st 2013? and when is the earliest date i can start working for my client as full timer. suggest please
  2. Jo1987

    transfer employer before H1B effective date

    can somone please clearly tell me the client can apply a Transfer before oct 1st? or wait till oct 1st and then apply fo rtransfer ..my current status os OPT cap GAP.
  3. Jo1987

    transfer employer before H1B effective date

    my curent employer A has no issues in releasing me to my client. so my client has to file for transfer since i am already approved adn then i cna start working with my client from oct 1st? will there be no issues from USICS?
  4. Jo1987

    F1 to H4

    hello all... my friend is planing to go from F1 to H4..please provide some information.. is there a premuim process int his case? if its only regular how long does it take to finsh the process?
  5. Jo1987

    F1 to H4

    hello all... my friend is planing to go from F1 to H4..please provide some information.. is there a premuim process int his case?
  6. Hi all, I had successful H1b stamping at Toronto on 18th. VO asked me below questions: Vo: U here for H1B stamping VO: Whos is your employer Vo: What it does? ME: I said its a staffing company VO: Immediatly he asked me who is u r clinet. Me: XXXX (i dont have vondors) more over mine is wellknown client. VO: So you came here for F1 and moved to OPT and moved toH1 Me : Yes sir! Vo: So Where did u study in US? VO: Whats u r major? Me : Computers. Vo: So how long u r contract will be? Me: I said until 2014 may with possible extensions also my clinet has usually long terms like 3-4 yrs contract VO: U r visa issued mama Me: Thank U! This is my experience. He didn't ask me for any documents.
  7. Me too. Still showing You currently have no appointment scheduled.
  8. HI all, I am working for American consulting company with a client (EC model). They put 70k in my LCA and employer letter everywhere. But i got 67 k becasue of some public holidays. But recently i came to that W2 pay shpulb be equal or more than LCA. Please let me if it will be an issue. Thanks, J0
  9. Jo1987

    LCA pay is more than W2 form

    Thanks for the reply! In LCA i see 2 kinds pays one is Wage rate required and prevailing wage. they put 70 k in place of wage rate required. But in place of prevailing wage they put 65k. My W2 form has 66k . Employer letter has 70k. I have h1 b stamping soon. Please let me know if Vo asks me what is my salary what should i tell?
  10. Hi, I have H1b visa stamping appt on march 18th. So how early i should submit my DS160? Thanks - Jo
  11. Hi please mail me to t.mailtome67@gmail.com.
  12. Hi, Anyone going to Toronto for H1b visa stamping on march 18th?
  13. Jo1987

    Masters in Non IT please avoid Toronto.

    Hi i did my master in Computer science but i did my undergrad in one of Medical field in INDIA. Is it going to be an issue?
  14. t.mailtome67@gmail.com Please respond to this mail if anyone available
  15. Hi, I am planning to go for stamping on march 18th at Toronto. Please let me know if anyone planning in same time so we can share accommodation. Thanks, Jo
  16. Hi all, My OPT is valid until July 11th of 2013 and I am planning to apply for H1 in coming April (Premium processing). So if i get H1 approved by end of the April then can i travel to INDIA during 1st week of May since my OPT is valid until July and H1B will be effective from November. Thanks, Jo
  17. Jo1987

    Canadian TRV at LA

    Yes it took 2 weeks for me along with passport traveling time. I sent my papers to NY.
  18. Hi, Currently my freind is on OPT and planning to apply for H1 in comming april. He recently changed the employer as well as cleint. But his prevous clent wants him to work for 20 hr per week since he is really crucial in the company. So he just want to make sure if this is ok if he does two jobs parllaly (one job with 40 hrs and other for 20 hrs). Please let us know. Thanks, Jo
  19. Jo1987

    Is it ok to do 2 jobs during OPT?

    Thank you all for the reply. He has 2 clients not 2 employers. Anyway he let his school international office knew about this