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  1. I guess one question is my LCA was originally filed for NewYork location but I work in Connecticut Office. This new LCA have my Connecticut office, should I be telling him I work in Connecticut and show him the new LCA ? what if the address of my office in visa will be NewYork location??? do we even have any address of office location in Visa?
  2. Hello Everyone, I've got my visa approval after 6 months (was given 221g on 10th dec in toronto). My status has been changed to issued and I should be getting an email from loomis to pick up the passport soon. My company withdrawal my lca a day before i got visa approval and then re-filed it again. But she hasn't file new i-129 as she hasn't withdrawn my petition neither she informed USCIS about it, so I don't need new I-129. Will I be having any issues at Port of Entry (i'll be coming by road from buffalo)? What are the questions they ask for? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi, I wanted to know if there is any rule that says we can't do work from home after certain days for tax purposes? Are there any rule imposed by IRS or one can WFH as long as company allows him? Do company have to show the employee as free lancer or what? Any response will be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Foreigner2012 is right and I would suggest to do the same if you can (you should have a multiple entry visa though). I have been waiting since 10th Dec,2012 and haven't heard a word abt my application but waiting it out in Toronto as don't have multiple entry visa. @Foreigner2012: can you please share you email address or send me an email (you can see my email address on my profile). Hopefully, we can talk about it
  5. mane

    Am i seeing a pattern here....wrt 221(g)'s

    You need to add your email address in your profile so i could get it. Or you could send me an email, mine is in my profile. Thanks
  6. mane

    Am i seeing a pattern here....wrt 221(g)'s

    Its not about spreading rumor, its about the fact. I am not sure how certain you are, or probably you need to learn some more statistics/data mining before talking about numbers [there are always some data points in datasets that represents totally different behavior and we always normalize those data points. And if you want numbers i would recommend you to use this forums search feature and look for all those cases where people are stuck, you'll get to know why I am talking about it]. No offense but dude, you need to stop giving people a false hope and let them know what they are getting into and be ready for the consequences (the chances are they are going to get into AP most likely but there are odds too given that they are muslims). It is always good to Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst Last but not least, I would not like to comment further on ur learning skills nor reply (expects the same from you), its good to know you have a very unlikely positive attitude, good luck with that. I do apologize if some of my words offended you!
  7. mane

    Am i seeing a pattern here....wrt 221(g)'s

    Agreed that number has no authenticity and there is not even a surity about 90%. But it is not even certain that they give you the AP because of flaws in their application. AP is just being misused by VO to keep themselves in a safe position, they blindly issue AP to muslims (atleast) because they don't want to get into any trouble later and handed the case over to DOS. I have seen people on this forum and have been in contact with many who are muslims and most of them work fulltime with their masters/bachelors from US but waiting.......
  8. mane

    Am i seeing a pattern here....wrt 221(g)'s

    I am glad couple of people have shared good experiences, don't want to scared but mine F1 took around 3 months too and now stuck since 10th December. I would say hope for the best but be ready for the worst (don't leave ur stuff in usa or car etc just in-case if u get stuck). Unfortunately there is no such thing that helps avoiding AP or expedite this AP. Definitely every case is different and wish you a very good luck to get it soon. Please do share your experience after your interview here. Thanks
  9. mane

    Am i seeing a pattern here....wrt 221(g)'s

    Its really good to know someone got it very soon atleast. Mine is not a common muslim name, and i even work FT for a Fortune 500 Listed Company with my MS from US too in same field. But i am wondering did he go before december or november? there is a strange delay in completion of AP here in canada for muslims
  10. mane

    Am i seeing a pattern here....wrt 221(g)'s

    Mostly muslims applying their home countries are getting their visa stamped/processes frequently in a month or so. I know couple of them too but it is not the same here in Canada (atleast i can tell from people i've seen on this forum are not getting thru )
  11. mane

    Am i seeing a pattern here....wrt 221(g)'s

    Wasalam! Yes, I am waiting in Toronot since 10th dec
  12. Note that I have applied in Toronto not Vancouver but i guess it really doesn't matter
  13. mane

    Am i seeing a pattern here....wrt 221(g)'s

    Unfortunately we all are pre-destined to be thrown into AP bucket. I have been witnessed every single muslim i came across in this form to be given a 221G including myself since december. And mostly none of them have got any clearance so far, have only see one person who got the clearance within 3 months. I personally think, one should avoid going for H1b stamping currently (given the past records since November,2012 only one guy got the clearance so far) if you have are muslim. I do agree that every case is different but what i have seen is even FT employee from reputed companies are still waiting for their visa. (These are all in Canada, case cud be different if you apply within ur country)
  14. I have been waiting for 4 months now. Interviewed on 10th Dec and I am a FT employee with MS in Comp Science from usa and working in same field, was given a 221G Yellow. Status date has been updated thrice and yes i am a muslim too (not a common name though).