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  1. Guys, My case- FTE. Got 221g - Blue slip on Nov 13th(Diwali day). Reason for 221g-no idea(don't worry abt it now). Emailed consulate guys on 26th-got automated reply (that we cannot tell anything until 60 days). By GOD'S grace by getting number from a person thru murthy forum,called cosulate guys on Dec 3rd. Was told that visa approved and asked me where I am currently. I was in Ottawa, so I was asked to come to consulte next day morning at 8 a.m(on Dec4th). Submitted my passport. On Dec 5th waited for loomis update-did not happen. Went to loomis around 5.30 p.m and was told that my passport is there and I need to wait for a while. Collected it. Flew out of Ottawa on Dec 6th morning. Ottawa Consulate number is 613-238-5335, option 3 followed by option 8...A guy from switch board will pick, ask him to direct you to visa (consular) section....! Hope this helps. Pass on to ppl around you also.
  2. incanada108

    Montreal - OCT 23rd - Visa approved but still waiting

    I attended interview on Nov 13th and I am waiting. I am an FTE too. Not much questions where asked and my manager did not get any email. Did your manager get any email? Were you issued any adm processing slip afterwards?
  3. Thanks for the number. Congrats on getting your passport back on hand!
  4. Rupesha, I remember one more person posting a similar thing few weeks back on the forum. I believe he got his VISA in a weeks time. Can you please share the right number to call the consulate? Thank you!
  5. incanada108

    Ottawa 221g's on Nov 13th

    Guys, Any email from consulate for ppl who attended interview on 13th Nov? I attended on the 13th and I am waiting. Thanks!
  6. incanada108

    Waiting on 221g from India

    needstamp, I guess what you are suggesting (Travel to India.Mail passport from- India to ottawa Ottawa (Loomis) to Toronto Toronto to India right? ) is fine. Just confirm with the consulate whether you can mail it to them(I think it should be fine) before you leave.. Do you have multiple entry visa to Canada? (you can use this as a back up) (I am in the same situation , but I have single entry.)
  7. opop, I am pretty much in the same situation. I am a FTE and my manager/HR did not receive any email. Can be because of your name and your nature of position. I had my interview on Nov 13th in Ottawa and I am waiting to hear back. No additional documents were asked . My resume, employee letter was taken. VO saw my I-797 and returned it back to me.Where you issued a 221g? What color slip?(Not sure how it matters-just asking).
  8. sharing123, I remember you posting about playing cards. I am in Ottawa too. Please Email me at - incanada108@gmail.com. Thanks!