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  1. Louisville79

    Canada Visitor Visa

    Can we mail passport to consulate in Los Angeles ?
  2. Louisville79

    H1 Stamping in Vancouver steps

    Than you for ur input. I cannot get Canadian visa without showing my interview date. One of the guys here got his Canadian visa rejected cuz he didnt have H1 interview date confirmed. I was under the impression that you have to fill DS160 to get interview date.
  3. Louisville79

    Over-Speeding arrest and H1 visa stamping

    Go to the court or police dept and ask for copy of charge sheet and arrest record. They will give it to you for nominal fees. Carry that with you. That explains ur charges and arrest. You can ask for background check from state and local police dept. take those copies with you along with FBI background check. I did that with my case, btw was different and not related to speeding.
  4. Louisville79

    Applying Canadian Visa

    I'm going to book H1 interview before I send Canadian visa application. Looks like one of the guys here got rejected for Canadian Visitor visa without H1 stamping interview date.
  5. Louisville79

    H1 Stamping in Vancouver steps

    I'm planing to visit Vancouver for H1B stamping. Is there any thread where I could find step by step guidelines to apply for H1 stamping. DO I start with first filling DS-160 online like it was years ago ? Once I get that part done I plan to apply for Canadian visitor visa. Thank you for ur inputs.
  6. Louisville79

    Canada Visitor visa rejected

    That sux. Glad I came across ur post. As I'm in same boat. I was going to send my application to Canadian consulate. I still don't have my H1B interview scheduled, my last Canadian and H1B stamping visa is expired just like you. This gives me clarity. You should not have any problem getting Canadian Visa once you have ur H1B appointment confirmed.
  7. Louisville79

    Is I-140 required for US Visa Stamping

    Yup. That was the first question VO asked when I went for stamping. "Give me ur I-140 please".
  8. Louisville79

    Applying Canadian Visa

    I plan to visit Vancouver for H1B stamping may be in next 3 to 4 months. My previous stamped H1b in passport is expired. DO I need to have an confirmed appointment at US consulate to apply for Canadian Visa ?
  9. Louisville79

    H1B Visa Stamping in July 2018 with Prostitution Charge

    I was charged with solicitation in 2010. I was found not guilty as I genuinely making fun of female cop standing outside the bar and all charges/arrest records were expunged. In 2013 I went for stamping, VO asked me about my arrest. I gave her all the documents I had from Local police Dept, State police dept and FBI background check that showed no arrest record. She made copies of it. I did not have any issues and visa was approved. I'm planing to go for stamping in Vancouver again in next few months. I must admit I'm lil worried.
  10. Louisville79

    Full time to part time

    I'm a full time employee. My LCA states my job is for 40 hrs/week. I'm not happy with my work place, so I've been working only 34.5 hrs per week since last 6 months. I'm not really happy with my workplace. I talked to my lawyer and he said since I'm not working 40 hrs/week we will have to file H1b amendment. My current employer has applied for Green card and I'm hoping to get my I-140 soon(It has been close to 4 months perm was filed). Given the current immigration situation is it a good idea going for amendment ? In reality I would like to further cut my hours to only 25/week. If that is a risk, is it ok if I file an amendment for 35/week ? What do you guys think ?
  11. Louisville79

    I-140 Approval wait time

    My perm was filed in middle of September 2017. When can I expect it to get approved. I plan on doing premium process for I-140 once that comes thru.
  12. This may be a stupid question. Can I travel to Hawaii without H1B stamp ? I have valid H1b but no visa stamp in passport. Thank you
  13. There's a link on Canadian immigration website for Online/Paper application with documents required. I'm in the process as of right now. my previous Canadian visa expires in Jan 2018 and I'm going to send an application for renewal. I plan to visit Vancouver sometime in October for H1B stamping.
  14. Louisville79

    Canadian Visa

    Have a Canadian visa valid till 01/31/2018. I shud get my I-140 approved by Oct 2017. I'm planning to visit US Consulate at Vancouver after my I-140 approval. Was wondering if it was ok to apply for new Canadian visa before my previous one expires.
  15. Just remembered that while leaving US by road to Vancouver I was not asked to turn in I 94. WIll that be any issue when i travel back to US ?