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  1. soulraider

    H1b transfer during vacation

    Hello All, I have a valid H1B Visa until August 2020 from previous employer, I have an approved H1B petition until March 2021 from current Employer. I recently got an offer from another company who is willing to sponsor, however I have travel plans until mid of February and willing to join right after the vacation. Recently new company Attorney reached out to me saying that they can’t file H1B until I am in states, I was curious is that a general USCIS rule (I doubt that as my transfer going to be intended, Can some one confirm? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I have I140 (Priority date Jan 2014) with Company A and got my H1B transferred to Company B and I got extension of H1B using I140 as I finished 6 years of H1B, now got an offer from Company C, can I still use my I140 to get the H1B transferred to new company? How about the priority date validity? P.S: Company B haven’t started the PERM process yet. Thanks in advance.
  3. soulraider

    H1B approved and STEM Extension in process.

    Yes talk to DSO and update them that you got your H1B approved and started working from October 1st based on approval.
  4. Hello, I got my H1B approval notice with misspelled Petitioner name, My company attorney requested USCIS correct it and they reissued my approval notice with same mistake again. I've Visa interview scheduled next month, what are the things I need to make sure before I go for Visa interview? Do I need to explain VO that it was misspelled twice even though they request for correction? Myself and Attorney verified the I129 it looks good, what are my options here? Do I need to postpone my interview and request the correction again and wait until I receive new notice? I am not sure USICS care about these typos. Thanks and Regards Soulraider
  5. Hello, Myself and my wife planning to attend H1B visa interview together in India. We are working for different companies but we would like to attend the visa interview together? I mean can i book the slot along with me ? or do we need to create separate accounts and have our slots picked up at same time? Thanks in advance. Soulraider
  6. Thanks for responding, he is in US and H1B approved under Master s quota. He is working as a full time employee for X company, but planning to move due to some personal reasons.
  7. Hello, I have a friend whose H1B got approved and he already received approved copy of H1B petition from his Company HR. He is planning to change his job and looking for new opportunities in other cities. Here are the two concerns he has. 1) how many pay checks needed if he finds a new job and new company to get his petition transferred? 2) If he attend visa interview and get the visa stamped does he still need Paychecks? Thanks
  8. soulraider

    Switching jobs with approved I 140

    Hello, I am asking this question for My friend who is working as an IT Consultant for Company A from past three years. He has valid I140 with PD as August 2016, He recently got a full -time opportunity from Company B, This opportunity is a non-compete and this client/Company B doesn't have any association with Company A. 1) What would happen to my friend approved I140, does he need to file the Perm & I140 with Company B again if he switch employers? 2) How many days notice does he need to provide to his current employer/Company A? 3) What would be the legal obligations from current employer/Company A if he accepts this offer when he was on H1B? 4) What are the required documents he need to get from his current employer/Company A before he accepts the new job with Company B? Thanks!!!
  9. soulraider

    H1B petition during 1st year of OPT

    Thanks JoeF for reply.
  10. Hello Guys, Need some help regarding my wife H1B petition during her 1st year OPT. 1) Can she apply for Cap Gap if her H1B petition got picked up in lottery? her 1st year of OPT ends on June 10th. Her Company attorney suggested to wait until the lottery results, is that a good idea to wait that long? 2) Can't she apply for both H1B on April 1st and OPT STEM extension now itself in parallel? If she applies what would be the impact of having two statuses? Thanks and Regards Soulraider
  11. soulraider

    Need help regarding MRV fee differential amount

    Thanks guys, I got response from US Traveldocs- India as below. The receipt is valid for one calendar year from the date of payment. And applicants may use the same MRV fee receipt 15 times to schedule an appointment. The MRV fee receipt will become inactive if used 15 times. Hope this helps other guys.
  12. Hello guys, I've paid MRV Fee which is 160$ (160*68 = 10880 Rupees)around April of this year but I didn't get the slot available for my Parents and In-laws who needs to attend my wife's graduation Ceremony around that time, then we've postponed the dates and grad walk for this Fall semester and booked the slots for this month end. But when I checked the MRV fee for this week it shows as $160 11200.00 Do I need to pay the difference amount for all the 4 applicants again? Please help on this. Thank you.
  13. soulraider

    Need help in H1b transfer

    Thank you rohang for response.
  14. soulraider

    Need help in H1b transfer

    Guys, I need some help for My friend who is in dilemma right now. He is in H1B (both Visa and I94 got expired in Dec 2015) and filed an extension in a regular processing and receipt has been received with company A. He got another offer from Company B with different client and they are ready to sponsor H1B in a premium process. Here are the concerns. whether he can accept the offer during extension period with company B or not ? Can he work with new receipt once received? or does he needs to wait until his petition gets approved by Company B? Appreciate your response. Thanks and Regards Soulraider.