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  1. w103imk

    H1B 221 g yellow slip toronto Nov 26

    hello all My case update date : 12/14/2012 i just got my passport stamped with my visa :-) interview date : 11/26/2012 Embassy called client : 11/29/2012 Embassy mailed for extra documents: 11/29/2012 submitted the latest paystubs : 12/05/2012 clearance mail : 12/06/2012 , submitted by passport. picked up passport from loomis location : 12/14/2012. Thank you all for your udates . Please be patient and all is well.
  2. w103imk

    Dec 3rd - Toronto Interviews Update

    @DGToronto : I submitted by Passport on Dec 6 , no update on CSC visa website nor did i get any mail from loomis. Do you have any update ?
  3. w103imk

    H1b Stamping 19th november toronto

    @vsgsxr : did you get your passport information ?
  4. update from my case EVC model interview date : 11/26/2012 : 221 g yellow form. email to submit docs :11/29/2012 clearance email to submit passport : 12/06/2012 hope to get my passport back soon.
  5. w103imk

    H1B Stamping--- 221g yellow form --- Toronto

    yes i got 221 g yellow form passport given back to me. how about you?
  6. w103imk

    H1B 221 g yellow slip toronto Nov 26

    it exceeds the pay but i had some overtime but the pay was same. there were so
  7. w103imk

    H1B-toronto 221g

    @OPOP and @Sharing 123 Do you guys have a batch number on the 221 g yellow form . mine is 390.
  8. w103imk

    H1B 221 g yellow slip toronto Nov 26

    The officer asked me questions 1)how long in the US 2) whom do you work for 3) what in the world do they do 4) what do you do 5) explain what do you do 6)who is the client 7)where do you work at 8)client side or where 9) ask for the petion file and payslips 10) ask why the payslips hours dont match the actual pay i replied saying my salary is fixed and it does not depend on the hours after sometime he said we need futher review on this case and gave me a yellow form saying we may contact you. i dont know what are my chances now.
  9. Hello All, I got a further review on my application. The VO gave back my passport and took my original I797 and petition file. He said that they will contact me by email and it will take time. Does anybody have an idea how much time does it take to get the email?