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  1. Hi, Is the new rule from Jan 17th 2017 retroactive? In other words, we have applied EAD (i-765) before expiry and before Jan 17th of course. In the same category based on pending i-485 employment application. 1. Can I assume that we shall get automatic extension of EAD after expiry which is in January 2017 after January 17th. Thanks 2. Would I just show expired EAD and i- 797c receipt of notice for i9 for employer? Thanks
  2. us_immig

    questions on EAD/AP renewal - doing it myself

    I changed employers in between .. from the time I got the EAD first time to now this renewal.. so wondering if it makes sense to send that i-140 which i got with old employer? thanks
  3. us_immig

    questions on EAD/AP renewal - doing it myself

    Thanks a bunch for the answers. Do we need any cover letter for renewing EAD/AP?
  4. us_immig

    questions on EAD/AP renewal - doing it myself

    in i-765 #11.. I am applying for renewal so i should say yes and which USCIS office would it be and dates; where would i find this information ?
  5. us_immig

    questions on EAD/AP renewal - doing it myself

    Thanks immigrationseeker for the info. (you are right my PD is after Aug 2007) Also, i have moved to a different address (from the time i applied my 485/initial EAD/AP) and my attorney at the time of my move had filed for AR11. So i suppose i do not have to furnish any other documents for this and just use the new address on these forms?
  6. i have about 85 days to go for expiry of employment based EAD/AP combo card and i am planning to renew it myself (for me and my spouse) and i have a couple of questions. any help on those is appreciated: 1. which one is better e-file vs traditional mail 2. do we need to submit any proof that we paid 1040$ fee (485 filed after July 2007) 3. what i could not get is do we need to consider EAD and AP totally different applications for each applicant but just keep 4 sets in same outgoing envelope? in other words; we shall keep i94 copy/DL copy/2 photos.. in each sub-envelope of EAD and AP? 4. i looked at the USCIS website and other forum posts and figured it is ©(9) for #16 on i-765 but what is the address which it needs to be mailed. i got confused looking at the USCIS website "Pending Family Based Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Resident or Adjust Status pursuant to Section 245 of the INA pending, and you filed your application with the USCIS Chicago Lockbox, and your receipt number begins with “MSC,” or you filed with the Immigration Judge Pending Employment Based Form I-485 Application to Adjust Status pursuant to Section 245 of the INA" and there is no separator between two address... may be just me.. if it is soley based on place where i live (in California); so it is USCIS Phoenix Lockbox? Thanks