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  1. 221g_hyd

    H1 to H4 COS

    Hi All, i am on H-1B valid until Jan 2017. My wife is currently working on H-1B and is planning to resign her job as we both live in different states. I am planning to apply for H1-H4 COS for her which would take 4 plus months. My question is: 1. After applying for the COS ,If she finds a job in the state i am living. Can she transfer for H-1 to the new company under cap exempt as she has used only 1 year under H-1B without H4 approval? 2. Is it worth to apply for both H4 and H4 EAD concurrently under my approved I-140, which if she gets would be valid up to Jan 2017(my H-1b Expirydate). Final goal is go back to H1B if she finds a Job. Thank you and appreciate your advice!!
  2. Hello, I had my Visa appointment at Hyderabad on Mar 19th 2012. After the Interview the VO issued me a 221g White with no documents asked and told that they have to review my case. On Jun 24th got email from State of Dept saying that my case has been forwarded to USCIS which USCIS received on Jul 24th. From then on I have been waiting for update on my case status, tried calling USCIS several times but they did not give much information other than saying “case in under processing and have to get back only after 180 days after they received the case”. During this wait time I have been working remotely for the same client. I have couple of questions regarding this. Is it OK to work for so many months remotely from India? If yes, can I get payroll generated from my employer. (The reason i ask is , recently my lawyer told me that my employer should not be running payroll if I am out of country for more than 6 months) Is there any rule like that. If I am not supposed to get a payroll from US employer , can I get payroll generated from Indian company which is a sister company of my employer in India. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Hi Raju, I am in a similar situation , can you please drop me a email with your number at smamidi1@gmail.com.
  4. 221g_hyd

    reaffirmed petition after validity date

    Hi neerajxp, I have attended my Visa interview on Mar19 2012 where they gave me a white slip saying additional processing required. On Jun24 the embassy sent the case to USCIS for possible revocation, kept calling USCIS but have not got much information from them. You said that your company appealed against the revocation , can you please tell me the process so that i can ask my employer/lawyer to do the same to get some info on the case.