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  1. rajdevireddy

    Interview Waiver Program for H visa holders

    Just putting it out here so others going through this get an idea. So I opted for the interview waiver for H1B and went to the OFC in Chennai to give my finger prints and submit document. I got the passport back in one week but there was no visa stamped! Instead there was a 221g and it said I have to attend an interview in person. Mine was the best case possible for interview waiver according to the criteria listed on the ustraveldocs website - sane employer, same class, prior visa stamped in India and afer 2008 so on. I had confirmed this by calling customer service a couple of time before I planned to opt for IWP. I also had all possible docs they could ask for in my packet thet I submitted at OFC and I got a 221g. Good thing is it said I can just stop by at the consulate any time and need not book an appointment again. I did that and I was asked nothing, the officer said thanks for showing up and done, visa was approved...If they plan to make the candidate attended an interview any way I wonder why they even have the interview waiver program for H1B. I would have saved my self some unnecessary travel back an forth to Chennai and some nervous days in India had I just attended the interview with out going for IWP. It would be interesting to know if IWP worked for any one for H1B renewal
  2. rajdevireddy

    Interview Waiver Program for H visa holders

    @tusharvk There are two things, one you qualify for Interview Waiver and the other the dropbox submission. If you qualify for interview waiver you still need to book the appointment to give your finger prints. If an applicant qualifies for interview waiver and dropbox document submission then you can just take the confirmation letter and submit documents at what ever the address is. Difference between rules for just interview waiver and interview waiver + dropbox submission is that, for one the prior visa is issued after 2004 and the other after 2008. However I am skeptic about dropbox submission working for H1Bs and ppl out side of too young or too old age brackets (less than 14 yrs old or over 80 yrs old).
  3. rajdevireddy

    Interview Waiver Program for H visa holders

    Looks like they finally resolved the issue. I booked Biometrics appointment. My renewal qualifies for interview waiver, so will see how it goes this time with out an interview..
  4. rajdevireddy

    Interview Waiver Program for H visa holders

    @Pamahadik Nope I have not been able to book a Biometric interview. I emailed support and got a reply saying wait for 24-48 hours and it is almost 2 days now. If I try to start over and click "NO" on the dropbox screen and then "YES" for just interview waiver and then move on, on Payment page I get an error saying the MRV receipt number is not valid. But if I follow the same path as before, that is clicking "YES" on the dropbox screen I can go through and I get a DropBox confirmation letter with same ID and other details as before. So, will have to call the customer service again tonight... I was wondering any one who got the DropBox confirmation letter was able to go back, start over and book an appointment yet? Anyone?
  5. rajdevireddy

    Interview Waiver Program for H visa holders

    OK same case here. Funny thing is I called the customer service at this number "1-310-616-5424" and very clearly asked him that my visa is H1B and if my renewal is a valid case for interview waiver. He went through the questions on phone and I said "YES" to all and he just confirmed that I am eligible and can drop off my documents at drop box. Being a skeptic guy I am I called the customer service again at this number "+91-120-6602222" and this time the guy said I am not eligible for drop box document submission but only for interview waiver. He said I have to click "NO" on the website when going through the appointment scheduling screens, where it asks if I am eligible for drop box drop off but then and say "YES" for inter view waiver. So I have go attend the bio-metrics appointment to give my fingerprints and stuff but I don't have to go to the interview. I already clicked "YES" for drop box and got a confirmation letter, now to revert it back I have send an email to support-india@ustraveldocs.com and wait for their response. Now, if two people from the customer service give me two different answers I wonder who wold have the correct information about this ?!!