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  1. shruthi745

    EB2 NIW to EB3

    Hi, I am a physician filed for green card in EB2 NIW Indian citizen. Can I downgrade to EB3 with same employer( As EB3 filling dates is moving faster and could get EAD atleast) If yes then Do I need to start the process from the beginning or is there any amendment? Your responses are greatly appreciated. -Thanks
  2. shruthi745

    H1b and spouse h4 stamping

    Hi All, I have scheduled my H1b stamping and my spouse H4 stamping together next month. Regarding the ds 160 do we need to fill out 2 separate forms or just one for me and include her details in it? Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. Hi, I am in my 5th year h1b with cap excempt employer and got selected in lottery this year. How many years of H1b visa will they give me now? is it 1 year or 3 more years? Thanks in advance
  4. shruthi745

    H1b Cap exempt to Cap Subject

    But I have seen that concurrent h1b can be applied at anytime in the year. Is that not true?
  5. Hi All, I am on H1b with a cap exempt employer in my 5th year. If I apply for a concurrent H1b with a cap subject employer how many years of H1b will they give? If approved for concurrent employment and I want to leave the cap exempt employer after few months will that be possible to continue the concurrent h1b with cap subject employer? Also applied for NIW EB2 and regular EB2 with cap exempt employer. Will my green card get affected after my I-140 is approved? Thanks in advance for your suggestions
  6. shruthi745


    What if I complete my 5 years in Underserved area...will I still need to wait for the dates to be current to apply for EAD?
  7. shruthi745


    HI All, I am a physician Indian Nationality applying for Green card under NIW . How long will it take to get an EAD if I apply for both I 140 and I 485 at atime? Untill I get the EAD should I be working on H1? Thanks in advance
  8. shruthi745

    H1b to EAD and to H1B

    Hi All, I am currently in my 7th year H1B. I have and EAD thru my husband(physician NIW). I want to use that EAD to work as there are more choices. Is there a possibility to come back to my H1B if there is any issue with my husbands Greencard process? I mean would my H1B paused and can I resume back when ever needed? Thanks in advance