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  1. kamalbalwani2

    H1B Transfer RFE under speciality occupation

    @pachi tamilan what evidence did you submitted??
  2. kamalbalwani2

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    @pachi tamilan can you please share the documents you Submitted for the 2nd RFE? I have sent you PM.
  3. kamalbalwani2

    RFE for Specialty Occupation

    Guys, any update on your cases?
  4. kamalbalwani2

    H1B 2nd RFE, Need Help!

    @moglee what was the update?
  5. @Sureshkumar46 @ayan84, any updates on your case?
  6. kamalbalwani2

    Please advise on my I140 denial

    any update on this case. please let me know
  7. kamalbalwani2

    I-140 Denied - EB3 - Magic Language - Please help.

    Hi Pbabu, I am same boat.. my I140 got denies for same reason. can you please tell me what you did. Thanks in advance,
  8. kamalbalwani2

    I-140 denied - Position does not qualify

    Hi paraaku, Please update me on your case. i also have the same case but with EB3 category. please let me know what were your next steps and what is the result.