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  1. maverickp

    Resident or Non resident alien

    insignia6, you're still a resident alien for tax purposes. Fill out the 1040.
  2. maverickp

    need help fast

    Well, seeing the thread title and "content", so are we.
  3. maverickp

    H1B stamped but not travelled

    Thanks for the explanation, jairichi and pontevecchio.
  4. maverickp

    H1B stamped but not travelled

    Correct me if I'm wrong here but isn't one cap-exempt only until 6 years from the date of first issue of the first H-1B? For the OP, the original date of issue was 1st Oct 2006, so the 6 years ended in 2012. So how is the OP cap-exempt?
  5. You're welcome, chaitanya. Let me know if you need more info on something.
  6. maverickp

    Kingston, Jamaica - Available dates

    As of 01/29, the closest date was 02/13.
  7. maverickp

    H1B Dates @ Jamaican Consulate - Emergency

    Laser date? Anyway, if you're looking for the closest date, as of 01/29, it was the 13th of Feb. HTH.
  8. maverickp

    F1 Visa stamping

    I cannot give you exact numerical chances, and honestly, neither can anyone else. All I can say though, is that if your answers are genuine, you're confident, and your documentation (if asked for) and finances are legit, you're good to go. And there's nothing else to that, or that you can do, once you're in the consulate.
  9. maverickp

    F1 Visa stamping

    In that case, I'd recommend going to your home country to get your visa stamped. You might be able to show better home ties that way, than if you were to go in for an F-1 stamping in a third country like Canada.
  10. maverickp

    Incorrect Petitioner information in DS 160

    Fill out a new DS-160, and update the visa appointment's DS-160 field with the new DS form's barcode number. You should be able to do all that online, but if you cannot, fill out the new DS-160, keep the barcode number handy, and call up the VFS helpline for the country in which you plan to get your stamping done. The number should be in the same portal where you can fill out the DS form.
  11. maverickp

    F1 Visa stamping

    What's the expiry date printed on your F-1 visa stamp?
  12. Hi Chintan, My PoE was Ft. Lauderdale, not Miami International, and my immigration lasted a bit more than an hour, and since I didn't have any checked bags, I was able to exit the international terminal than otherwise would've been able to. Anyway, from what I know, MIA is not as busy and doesn't have as many incoming flights as FLL, and I know of one person whose PoE was there, and for him from start to finish it took about 45 mins, but I don't know if that's a standard indication. But even if that is the case, you'll still have to go from the international terminal to the domestic one. Although it is a smaller airport than FLL and it's just one building, it'll take about ten minutes to go to the domestic security gates once you've completed immigration & customs and have collected your luggage. Then the security check wait times are variable, as you might know, so there are many factors involved. If I were in your place though, just to be on the safer side, I'd not book any connecting flight whose departure time is less than 3 hours from the arrival of the inbound flight from Kingston. And another tip is that in Jamaica, almost all businesses and local taxi drivers take USD cash (and the hotels and the bigger restaurants/pubs/chains take American credit/debit cards, but only Visa/MasterCard in most cases, no Discover/AMEX), but if you pay those small vendors or cabbies in cash in USD, most of them would generally give you change back in jamaican dollars, not USD. So, unless you want to not get ripped off at Kingston airport/the hotel on the way out while converting JMD -> USD, and if you don't want to get a lot of JMD back with you, after the first couple of days, start paying people in JMD rather than USD. Also, as someone else has posted in another thread, don't go for currency conversion in the airport, you'll get a much lesser rate than what you'll get outside or "on the street", so to speak (meaning, cabbies would generally convert using 1 USD = 100 JMD or thereabouts). Hotels' exchange rates might vary from like 90 to whatever the current rate is, but I've read that someone from this forum got it converted at the rate of 102 per USD just a week ago in Kingston, and that person suggested not to convert in the hotels either. Go there and decide for yourself. Also, you won't find many people who've posted their Jamaican VI experiences here, but you can use this thread, which I found to be very helpful: http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/64400-kingston-jamaica-h1b-interview-experience-complete-report/ And this one is mine of my experiences there, plus more tips: http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/67389-h-1b-stamp-approved-in-kingston-jamaica-18th-nov-2013/
  13. Glad to be of help, MrPraveen.
  14. I am already done with my visa in Kingston, so I'm not looking for someone to share accommodation, but here's a tip. If your appointment is on the 31st, it's fine if you reach there by the 30th, you don't need to go there 2 days before (and I'm saying this from my personal experience). Also, consider staying at least until the next Thursday, because I've heard of people being told to stay that long to collect their passport. I was lucky, that my appointment was on Monday and I had got the stamped passport in my hand on Wednesday, but in some cases, people had been waiting there from the previous week (more than 5 working days). So I'd recommend staying there at least until the 6th, to be on the safer side.
  15. Actually, many states say that you should get your DL changed over to that state within 10 days of establishing residency.