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  1. cooldude11

    Masters in Non IT please avoid Toronto.

    He is trying to ask for information regarding non-IT background and nothing in general about Toronto. That doesn't make sense of you to reply harshly.
  2. cooldude11

    Lower wages than LCA

    Of course it is true. Don't ever think of doing such mistakes. Or please leave the country and go back.
  3. cooldude11

    Unique Situation

    I am not sure why is your company name on the i-20? It just states that you have completed the requirements to get OPT.
  4. cooldude11

    Unique Situation

    This is the first time i see someone telling me that the OPT has the employer name . Are you sure? All OPT has is your employement authorization information.
  5. cooldude11

    Successful stamping on 10th Jan

    Don't post your experience if you don't include some critical information that helps the community. Please include you employement model. EVC, EVVC, EC, fulltime? Please include the consulate you atttended. Without the above information, there is no importance to what you've posted.
  6. cooldude11

    Interview Waiver Program for H visa holders

    Dude Are you kidding around? we are talking about interview waiver for H1B and you reply for something else for a visitor's visa?
  7. Can i please know the documents needed for a full-time position?
  8. cooldude11


    Hi all, I am currently in a FTE position. Completed my master's in 2011 aug and worked on OPT till 2012 april as a consultant under EVC model and my H1 got approved. In october 2012, decided to quit the desi company and move to the same client for a full time position and my H1B got approved in 2 days. How early can i go for Visa Stamping. I already have one paystub from my employer, i am planning to go in january 2013. 1. Is it going to be a problem if i quit working for my employer and work for the client as a fulltime employee? 2. Can i risk and go to India for stamping? or is it safer to go to Canada? 3. What all documents would be needed from my employer. Since i just joined full-time, i have no idea on what documents to be taken. Also, i am the only guy working on H1B with this french company in US(They have over 2000 employees in the US), would that matter for my stamping? 4. Which of the 3 cities(Calgary, montreal,ottawa) is better? i plan to drive from my house close to NY city. Thanks a lot in advance
  9. Roop, i've seen you posting only negative comments. Visa stamping is not same for everyone, it is handled case by case. So in your case you might have some problem with documents or your employer, that doesnt mean everyone here will face the same problem. Don't try to scare people. Help them if you can... else.. don't post such things where you generalize your things across the board...
  10. cooldude11

    Strict no to Montreal embassy in Dec for H1B

    Dude, please don't post negative replies. You should be an encouragement to the community and not scare them. I have lot of friends who went to montreal with no problems, indeed one of them was with EVVC model and he got his passport in 4 days.
  11. cooldude11

    Change of employers and visa stamping

    Thanks for the replies.
  12. Hi, I was working in EVC model with a desi consultancy for client A. Now, I took up full time with end client A and got my H1 transferred. (My original H1B just started on Oct 1st 2012). When is the earliest that I can go for stamping with new employer? Is there a minimum number of paystubs that I should have with the new employer? Will this change in EVC to full time with same end client cause a problem? Please suggest. Thanks all