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  1. chicha24

    Dropbox for clearance received case

    yes. you are eligible for dropbox. When selecting the interview date it will ask all these questions and once you enter them it will specify whether you are eligible for dropbox or not? No need to ask anyone.
  2. Yes. I'm planing to go in April
  3. chicha24

    Valid Visa with expired I-797

    How can your visa be till aug 2017 if I797 expires in Aug 2013. Is that h1b visa only? Did u get visa mistakenly till aug 2017 when it was supposed to be aug 2013?
  4. Its ur I129(H1b Application) u have applied for ur H1b. Ask ur employer he ll provide it,
  5. chicha24

    Visa approved at Vancouver March 18 but....

    Don't worry. It will show "Administrative Processing" for everybody once the interview is over and it will change to "Issued" the next day(today in ur case) if ur visa is approved(In ur case it is approved as visa officer told it). And then you will get loomis mail on the 2nd night or 3rd night.(tonight or tomorrow night in ur case). Congrats
  6. chicha24

    Visa approved @Vancouver on Mar 11th

    Picked up my passport from loomis and ready to fly tomorrow
  7. chicha24

    Visa approved @Vancouver on Mar 11th

    I think its still not a problem. I have seen a girl come for interview on Mar 11th accompanied by her husband I guess. But I dont know whether she came for h4-h1 or h4 extention.
  8. chicha24

    Visa approved @Vancouver on Mar 11th

    I got the mail form loomis yesterday night at 1 am saying that they have picked my passport from consulate but it is not ready for pick up. Now in CSC website it shows waybill number ans status as "In Transit".
  9. chicha24

    Visa approved @Vancouver on Mar 11th

    I was taking abt visa status page https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx. Here it shows visa issued not in CSC website. My CSC account page looks like same as urs....Me n my sharing roommate r also waiting on email from loomis. So, dont worry probably we might get it tonight. I know nobody who got interviewed on Mar 11th got loomis email till now.
  10. chicha24

    Visa approved @Vancouver on Mar 11th

    I have heard ppl getting visa stamped with just email from manager....my frnd got stamping here in november 2012 with just email from his manager....if u follow murthy forum regularly u can find posts about stampings done with just email from client...
  11. chicha24

    Visa approved @Vancouver on Mar 11th

    I don't think it will be a problem as lot of ppl go for stamping in canada for h1b extention without masters degree
  12. chicha24


    Thats depends on your relation with ur manager. If he/she is cool explain abt the whole process and how delayed it can be and ask him to be ready to respond to emails or calls.??
  13. chicha24

    H1-B Stamping Doubt regarding Pay

    You can say ur salary is 65K and you r getting upto 75K becoz ur doing overtime
  14. chicha24

    H1-B Stamping Doubt regarding Pay

    You have to say your current salary only at any time. How much is ur salary when ur LCA got filed.
  15. Hi, I went to couter 6. VO asked me below questions. I'm on EVC. My interview was for like 2 minutes. Here it is 01. Did you study in USA? 02. Which university did u go to? 03. Who do you work for? 04. How long u have been with ur employer? 05. Do you have any employer letter? Can I see it? 06. What do you do? 07. Who is ur client? 04. How long u have been with the client? 08. Do you have a letter from your client? Can I see it? 09. Where do you live? 10. Can I see your W2's? That's it and he said your visa is approved. Status changed from Administrative processing (Dont worry at first it will be like that for every one who went for interview) to Issued today. Waiting on email from loomis for waybill number. I see lot of ppl not posting anything these days even though they follow the forum regularly. I saw nearly 10 ppl got approved yesterday along with me and only two of them wrote. So, don't judge that everybody will write and don't calculate success rate by seeing the posts. Be positive....luck will be ur side. Although u need proper documentation and good preparation first. All d best folks.