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  1. Currently I am in USA with H1B visa, before that I have been in USA for 2 years and 2 months on L1B visa. 

    My USA entry and exit details are - 

    Entry Date                              Exit Date                             VISA Type

    4 April 2012                            30 June 2014                          L1B

    1 May 2016                                                                              H1B

    My current H1B was filed on 02 Apr 2014 quota when I was in US on L1B.  I left usa in July 2014  and stayed in India until APril 2016. Travelled back to usa in May 2016

    please let me know whether my L1B stay of 2 years and 2 months will be included in my H1B max out of 6 years or not.

  2. Hello Jai,

    My H1B visa stamped in July 11th 2007, Valid from 10/01/2007 to 08/31/2010 (MM/DD/YYYY). I never being traveled to US with this stamped petition due to some unavoidable past conditions. 
    Please suggest if I can reuse this old petition for Quota exempt H1B filing through any other employer ? 
  3. Hi Jai,

    I joined company B on H1B Receipt # on 10th March - received RFE , they are going to reply in sometime.

    Now I have another good offer from Company C which I don't want to miss ( my last H1B petition was approved till OCT- 2018, now they revoked it ) , Also have valid I-94 - no gap in employment/proper paychecks.

    1) If company C file Bridge petition ,  Can I join them immediately on the basis of their receipt nr # ?

    2) If I have joined C with H1B receipt , if company B petition withdraw or Revoked - will it impact company C petition ?

    Please let me know

  4. Hello Jairachi,

    I received  RFE for education evaluation  on H1b amendment/Extension . I am MBA and having 8 + years of IT experience . I am working as Quality analyst . They have requested below information apart from education evaluation 

    Why the work has to be performed who holds bachelor degree in speciality occupation or equivalent 

    Why Employee's formal education is related to position 

  5. Hello ,

    Status change from H4 to H1b - Previously i was on H1b until Sep 2016.

    1. Can i start working at Client location with H1b receipt  without Approval ? - Approval decision Pending - No Premium processing after April 3, 2017
    2. If H1b petition rejected - I will stop working, will be back to H4 status automatically. Right?

    Appreciate your answers on above questions.



  6. Hi jairichi,

    This question has been asked several times, but because of recent law changes I am unsure.

    Here's my situation:

    Originally from India and H1B filed in India by company A in 2015, got picked up in lottery and approved i797. Left the company in 2015 and started higher education in 2015 on F1. Never used the H1 or even got it on passport.

    Currently finished education and working on OPT.

    New employer in USA is willing to file H1B.

    Would I have to go through lottery again?

    Need urgent help as this is my first and only chance.


    Thank you very much.

  7. Hi,

    This is Nilay from India. I am applying for US Visa and while filling up the form I got confused with the same question. Is your mother in US? What does this question mean? Presently she in US on Tourist Visa and will be back by the end of February. So what should I write, Yes or No? 

  8. jairichi

    H4 online case status vs calling customer service

    Sorry. Do not rely on online updates. Contact them.
  9. jairichi

    H1b transfer while h4 is in process

    Yes, employer can file H1B while H4 petition is in process. On approval of H1B petition you can withdraw COS to H4. You can start working for an employer only after H1B petition approval.
  10. jairichi

    What if my H1B amendment denied

    You are out of status. Find a new employer and apply for cap exempt H1B petition. University is not a grocery shop where one can go any day to get entry. They have admission deadlines and specific intakes in a year.
  11. jairichi

    H1B case history question

    Your petition is still under process? Online update might be an error. Do not trust them unless employer contacts USCIS and get it confirmed.
  12. jairichi

    H1b to H4 cos issue urgent

    There are instances where H1B beneficiaries have returned to US with a H1B amendment petition pending. You can see some posts in this forum related to that. If at POE immigration officer decides to scrutinize your H1B documents thoroughly you risk being denied entry on H1B. However to enter on H4 you need a valid H4 visa and a copy of your spouse's I797.
  13. jairichi

    H1b to H4 cos issue urgent

    You can enter with a valid H4 visa & a copy of your spouse's I797.
  14. jairichi

    Dates descrepencies !!

    Typically online I94 is valid. But, better to cross the border & enter with renewed passport to get new I94.
  15. You are out of status from Oct 1st and you have performed unauthorized employment from that date. Talk with an attorney.