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  1. deep_bi

    H1-H4 EAD

    I am on H1B for more than 6 years and planning to move on H4 EAD.For this,Can I directly move from H1 to H4 EAD so I can avoid gap.Or I have to move from H1 to H4 and later move to H4 EAD which will make me not authorize to work for 3 months.My client is fine with moving status but not with a break.Does any one have idea please..
  2. Me & my husband are on H1B.He has approved i-140 and waiting for his date to become current.I am completing my 6 years on H1B early next year.Applied for GC this year but still waiting for i-140 approval.Do you think it's good to move on H4 instead of reapplying for H1.As H4 can work now as EAD seems I can be better status.Please suggest.
  3. Hello, I have a question on adding my wife in my Greencard processing.She is currently on H1B and near to end her 6 year term by Feb 2016.My priority date is on July 2010.Provided this date wont be current by Feb 2016,should she also apply for greencard from her employer or she can get H1B extension automatically after 6 years because I have PERM. Please suggest. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Hi, I am on my 4th year of my H1B.Had 2 extensions till now(First time got for 2 years,later 1 year and again 2 year).I hear people saying that first extension cost is not same as 2nd one. But here my query is does any one know H1B transfer cost for my case.I understand it should be handled by employer and I should not bother.But need details what can be H1B Transfer cost and does transfer cost depend on extensions/No of years on H1b(Hoping No,but double checking) Thanks in Advance.
  5. deep_bi

    Visitor Visa for my Mother in-laws

    Pls check with my answers.Sharing my views based on my recent application of B1 visa. - Is it ok to just apply for Mother-in-law or should i apply for both Mother and father in-law?- I see lot of cases it's better to apply for both of them at same time.May be still you can invite your mother-in-law during pregnancy. - during interview, is it ok to tell that they are going to US for her daughter's delivery? -NO - if they are going to interview together, Do i have to submit two DS160 applications, one for each? - Yes,they need seperate DS-160 - what is the consulate appointment process if two are going together for interview? - Both of them can attend interview in native language on same day.But it's going to be 2 day process.First visit is for biometrics and 2nd one is for visa interview. i mean, do i have to pay for each of them and take appointment separately for them or can i use single appointment? - Even though you have a single appointment,fees is collected based on number of people attending interview.So you have to pay for both.
  6. deep_bi

    PIO Card : Photo Requirement

    I applied PIO card for my daughter this month in chicago and they collected passport size 4 identical photos.Hope CGKS will follow same rules in any branch
  7. Planning to apply US visiting visa for inlaws.Their passport will expire in 1.5 years.In this case will they be given 10 year multiple visa(As most cases given) or limit their visa period to passport validity(Just giving for 2 years). I am guessing their passport validity should not impact the B2 visa period entry.May be they grant it for 10 years and before expiring of their passport they should reapply it and new passport will be still carrying the visa expired date.For ex: If their passport expires on Jan 2016 if they attend interview on august 2014.Their B2 Visa multiple entry may be given till August 2024 and when new passport is applied before old passport expires,the new passport will carry Aug 2024 validity.Or should they again reapply for B2 visa once passport expires. Please suggest.
  8. deep_bi

    Visitor Visa stay limit

    Thank you JaiRichi & NinetyFive for your reply
  9. deep_bi

    Canada Entry

    Any ideas?
  10. deep_bi

    Visitor Visa stay limit

    Thank you Jairichu,t75.So if there is denial at POE then her `10 years visa validity will also be gone and she can never enter US? When she enters US and in worst case at POE there is denial she has to return back to india by booking other flight from US airport itself.Please clarify
  11. deep_bi

    Visitor Visa stay limit

    Thank you for ideas. As my family member is sick thought it would be supportive if she is there for few weeks.She recently came to US and I wish it would be better if she can spend more time as I can't make back to India :( These kind of reasons may not be supportive for POE.Lets see what happens.
  12. deep_bi

    Visitor Visa stay limit

    I am on H1B.My Mom came on Visitor Visa(B2).I understand people can stay in US for only 6 months.She stayed here for 3 months and have to go back to india for personnel reason and planning to come back for other 2 months.Is it possible this way? or she is not supposed to enter US for next 6 months once she leaves? Eg: She came to US for the first time on Feb 2014 and planning to leave india on May 1st(so she is staying for 3 months) as she has to go to india for 2 weeks.Can she come back and stay for 2 months from May 15th -Jul 15th in US.Or she is not eligible to come USA for next 6 months.
  13. deep_bi

    Canada Entry

    I am on H1B.My parents are in US on Visiting Visa(B2).I know we can plan for a visit using visiting visa to canada.Can I take my parents to with me by applying visitin visa to them.Can they enter back from canada to US as they came from india for visiting US?? The whole idea is to visit canada for few days. Pls post ur ideas.
  14. deep_bi

    DS-160 Question

    I got I20 and applying for DS-160.Under Family Information,it was asking if parents/siblings/relatives are in US.(Is your father/mother in US -> if choosed yes -> Asking if they are residents or greencard or immigrants.So for my case I have to choose immigrants) My Mom went on visiting visa recently and My sister is working on H1B but my dad is in india.Hearing from people that it's not good for my visa stamping as my family is in US.How far it's true? Have 2 options as per suggestions heard till now. 1) As mom is on temporary visa and she has plans to return to India in 2 months.Go with "NO" for the question "Is your Mother in US".But I am mentioning my sister details. 2)Or during filling my DS-160 may be make my mom to visit canada(Not sure how much feasible it is...She has to apply for canada visa and go there for a day when I am filling DS-160).If Canada is not feasible,have to make her come back for a week to India and she has to travel back to USA. Option 2 seems to be complicated & costly.But not able to choose option 1 too as not sure how far the details are tracked in system. Kindly suggest your opinions...
  15. deep_bi

    Visiting Canada

    My mom was staying in US for 3 months on her visiting visa. 1) As i stay in detriot,thinking to take her visit for Canada Visit.Can she take Canada visa and spend 2 days and come back to Detroit. 2) If yes,after coming back to US,can she stay for 6 more months or just 3 months. I am on H1B.Please suggest.