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    L1 to G4 dependent

    Hi, I'm currently working on L1A and will need to convert to a G4 dependent visa. My husband is a G4 visa holder and we have been in separate households due to which I could continue to work on L1A. Have a few questions. 1. Can my spouse's organisation apply for my G4 dependent visa while I'm still working on L1A, or do I have to quit my job and then apply for the G4 dependent visa ? 2. Can I apply for my EAD while still working on my L1, and then apply for the G4 dependent visa ? 3. Do I have to go back to my home country to process the G4 dependent or can I do it from the US itself?
  2. Hi, I booked my L1 A blanket visa extension appointment with Chennai consulate in Nov. When I was booking the OFC appointment, it gave me a dropdown to select OFC of my choice and I selected Mumbai, since I'm from there. Is this ok? Or do I have to change my OFC appointment to Chennai. It won't allow me to change unless I cancel my existing appointment. Since I found dates for Nov after a number of attempts, I don't want to lose my existing appointment, if the choice of OFC location is not an issue. Can someone please advise?