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  1. prakashbrk

    H4 EAD Extension

    Hi , My wifes h4 ead expires in August 2018 , because the processing times are going long , and also being not sure if h4 ead extensions get approved or not in future , as the law suit is going on . Could she apply for h4 ead extension now itself , how soon can one apply for h4 ead extension , ( h4 EAD expires August ) this is february ( so before 7 months ), can she apply
  2. prakashbrk

    H1B lottery or anytime*******

    Hi , My wife got her h1 in 2014 october , but due to personal reasons after 4 months , in Feb 2015 , I got her back to h4. and cancelled that h1 , which was for 3 years ( up to 2017 october ), expired now So right now in 2018 , she is on h4 EAD , due to the speculation around EAD , if i have to apply h1 for her . Would it be in the lottery ( like a fresh new h1 ) , or can she file h1 based on her previous held h1( I- 797 ).
  3. Hi , Here is my case, I came to USA on h1b in year 2007 ( h1 valid from October 2006. To sep 2009 ) Then I got my next extension from ( October 2009 to sept 2012 ) But after getting extension in 2009 . I had to go to India in ( 2010 February ) Immediately after going to India I got my stamping done. Then I was working in India ( from 2010 February to 2012 February ) . I came back to USA with my stamping in ( February 2012 ) I got my next extension again in September 2012 for another 3 years ( October 2012 to sep 2015 ) At that time my employer said that he filed extension like a new h1 , considering my being in India for 2 years. I thought that I am good for my next extension as well (. New 6 years ) But now , my employer says , it's just an extension , they just captured my time in India and with my remaining time ( India trips ) , and I got my extension for 3 years. The person I was in touch with when I filed my extension in 2012 , is not working anymore with my employer. So now he says I need an I 140 for my next extension in oct 2015. Please guide me , do I really need an I-140 for my next extension or since I was in India already for 2 years , I can even get an extension without I-140 ???
  4. prakashbrk

    Successfull Stampng -Calgary -- OCT30

    Congrats Harish , Mine is on Nov 6th , I am ojn EVC model , how should be my resume format. please reply to ravikiran.matrix@gmail.com.
  5. prakashbrk

    anyone to calgary on nov 6th

    Hi, My appointment is on nov 6th in calgary ,arriving there on 5th , if anyone has appointments in the same dates , please respond , we can share accomodation and information.