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  1. My Experience.. My finger printing was done on Feb 12 and interview was done on Feb 13.Below are the questions asked for the Visa Interview Matamoros consulate. Questions : Can I have your I 797 , What's your role ( Full Time ) , What is your highest degree then collect your passport at 3 - 3 30 pm Yellow slip. All 5 who went on Feb 13 got there Visa. This is my first time to this consulate it went smooth. I used the services of Salvador. This hotel is very safe and food is also GOOD. His services are EXCELLENT. He is been doing this from more than 10 - 16 years and people who work here are also very welcoming n nice. In simple way you can feel like HOME in Mexico you can just go and follow with Salvador and his team GREAT WORK !! I decided to go with Salvador services as I heard from many. Trust me, all these reviews are in fact true. He is a very good person and helped us in every aspect. You can get all details here https://mexicovisaservices.com/ Here are my learnings and my thoughts. Hope this helps All the Best !! Please post your experiences in Forum as this helps many people like us NOT limiting to WATTS APP. Carry all documents ; The officers next to me did know what is going around with H1 B employees and they will make sure based on your DS 160 what are you up to and also before issuing VISA there intensions are clear to do what they are doing is correct. They did mention to next officer while I was right behind a family. For Example : A H1 B employee with Wife and Kid has been asked all questions starting from 2010 why you did not travel then ? What is current role What are your responsibilities , what is your salary , what does your company do etc. Another example : With different officer , Asked all the basic questions and since family with 3 kids asked all birth certificates , marriage certificate etc Most H1 B Interviews so far are definitely are limited to few questions than other consulates. And Definitely APPROVALS are max and 221 G hits are very few in last year to my knowledge ( < 10 ) There is one case which I know having PIMS delay in last 2 weeks Also on FEB 12 Visa Interview one employee I see received an ADMIN processing NOT 221G particularly and expected to receive passport on FEB 14/15th. ( FYI .. After interview what I saw he was told to wait until they send an email noting mentioned as any 221G or PIMS ) so expect this in case they would additional time in cases like this. Not sure of more details on this. Plan your outbound TRAVEL in flexible way; As there are PRINTING DELAYS (other reasons) in this consulate which happened for FEB 12th Visa slot people and 3 guys are given passport the next day not on same day. New American Airlines flights starting from 2/15/2018 from 7 30 pm from BRO would help many. Follow regulations in carrying Mexican Visa; As this place is not that safe to travel as advised by this consulate. Better to carry Mexican visa to avoid any legal issues during your stay. NOTE : As mentioned by others here earlier, Some people are trying to refer people who go for stamping in mexico local guys who help for accommodation by creating whatsapp groups. Helping is good but they are trying to make this a business and earn money. If the people in the US consulate somehow come to know about these things ,like Jamaica going for VISA stamping in mexico will slowly be removed and ultimately we will suffer. My sincere request is to not encourage such people. Thank you
  2. Well Stated Thanks !
  3. Heard from attorney that my case is been approved, But still online status of my case says as Received and Did not receive the hard copy of approval yet. Very inconsistency process.
  4. Thanks ..That's very slow can't believe this some people in same time got update in September itself.. very different approach in each case.. My client won't do in premium and the wait is getting more painful now..
  5. Any one applied in July second week and got their case got processed ?
  6. Thank you, I will plan for upgrading .. But Any updates on cases during this time frame would be helpful.
  7. My case was filled on July 18 2017 transfer from my employer A to B and I got my receipt number, other than that I don't see any other change in my processing. Does any one in here waiting from similar time period..? Thanks !
  8. Hello Guys, Thank you Murthy Forum and All who shared their experiences very helpful for me. Its my turn to share share my exp here. It went very smooth & the entire process from security check to visa interview took 2hr, I had 8.30 slot. Here are the Q's from VO Gm, Passports pls. Who is your employer. What do you do for your employer What is your salary. Do you have a client Who is your client. Where do you work US or India Where do you live. how long have you been working for this client. Your Visa is Approved. Thanks again for the help here and I wish every one all the best and do please post your experiences here will be very helpful for others.
  9. You should get today or tomorrow if PIMS update then it will take 3 - 7 business days. Have patience no worries.
  10. yamohan

    how many days to receive passport in hyderabad

    Jai - Do please post your interview experience and any suggestions on this will help others. I think you should have the passport in 3 -5 business days. Others - Please do post your experiences as well it will help others and also us.
  11. yamohan

    Visa Stamping Experiance Vancouver 30Dec

    First Thank you Murthy.com forum and people sharing their experiences .. I wish all who took help here should post there experiences. Adding to above experience of my friend. Yes, I did got stamped as well on the same day Dec 30th 2014 in Vancouver. To my experience, Please go for interview only if you have all the documents only. More Questions asked and Suggestions to above - 1.Have Drivers Licence the state you work. VO did ask on this. 2.Make sure your LCA salary matches your Employement salary on paystub or W2. If not prepare for proper explanation with proof of documentation specially about bonus with formula of maths. Very rare but VO did ask on this. 3.Also try to maintain all your paystubs gross salary totals in sync expecially your last 6 months. VO did ask on this. 4.And Make sure you send an email to consulate before a week on PIMS verification to avoid any delay in pp. Hope this helps. Good Luck and All the Best !!
  12. @Sri2396 can you inbox your email or contact # to my email id in my profile.
  13. I am also in same boat .. whats your contact ?