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  1. Anyone driving from Toronto to Buffalo tomorrow (12/14)..Please hit me up
  2. Anyone whose visa was approved on dec 11th.. did you guys get any email about passport pickup..?
  3. No extra documents were requested /No inquiries with the magaer or HR
  4. even i have submitted my passport yesterday... please post here if you receive it
  5. Guys.. i got an email to drop off my passport today.. i have dropped it off & waiting for an update to pick it up
  6. Did anyone get 221g clearance on or after nov19th..please post your waiting times here..
  7. Please post here if any of you guys receive any email from consulate... btw.. did you guys have batch number on your yellow from... i had 962..i dont know if it helps
  8. he gave me yellow slip..Did the VO tell you guys the turnaround time.? he told me 1-2 weeks (not sure if they will in that time frame)
  9. Hi , I was interviewed on 19th Nov (Toronto) and VO took my resume and I-797.. Did not ask for any extra docs..he said they will get back in 1-2 weeks... I am a FTE and even my employer(manager/HR) did not receive any emails yet.. any one with the same issue.... Is it because i am a Radio Frequency Engineer..? Vo asked about my job description, how long with company (2 years) ,where i did masters, my major in masters & courses i took during masters (i took 4-5 courses on digital comm, antenna theory & radio frequency).. He was concerned about the terms Radio Frequency & wireless transmission... Also I have used other names 1) This is how it appears on my F1 visa and hence all I-20's and even my OPT cards... SURNAME : XX YY ZZ FIRST NAME : FNU 2) Even my H1(I-129) petition carries the name above...I have got it corrected in my passport to read as SURNAME : XX , FIRST NAME : YY ZZ & my attorney submitted the observation page in my passport along with my H1 packet for name change 3) My H1 approval(797) reads my name as SURNAME : XX, FIRST NAME : YY ZZ (as corrected in passport)... Do you guys think that this might be the issue because i have used two names in USA (or) my radio frequency engineer position.?
  10. opop

    H1B-toronto 221g

    do you have batch number on your form.?
  11. opop

    H1B-toronto 221g

    hey.. mine was on 19th and same thing ..he took my resume....are you a FTE or EVC..? where are you staying btw.?
  12. opop

    H1B-toronto 221g

    even i have batch number-962.. i don't know if it helps... where are you guys staying..?
  13. opop

    H1B 221 g yellow slip toronto Nov 26

    I am waiting for my approval ... its been a little over a week
  14. opop

    Ottawa week Nov19-23,2012 : 221G updates

    i had interview on 19th.. consulate has not contacted me or my employer yet (am a FTE)...VO took my resume and 797 only.. did not ask for any extra documents.