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  1. pontevedra8

    H1B Visa stamping @Calgary on Oct 2nd

    Hello Raghav, im planning to apply soon and i got my H1 already . can you give m some direction for Canadian TRV do we need a covering letter ? i saw some format here on the forum so trying to use t hat.. wt are the docs needed ..can you share some details pls ..im not sure if ican add my email here . libran881 at gmail dot com
  2. Hi Forum, I have a question , i have i-140 approved from Comp A and now im planning to move to Comp B (Prime vendor). based on i-140 i get 3yrs. Now PV applies for PERM and if something goes wrong can i resign and go back to my parent company which filed my perm ? Will there be any issues? Please do let me know
  3. Hello Forum, I need your suggestions .. Currently my wife is on H1b for indian consulting company CompA approved i-140 ead 3 yrs ago and recently got 3 more years extenstion with same i-140. Now the client (non-profit) wants to transfer her h1b and offer her a FTE with approved i-140. now the questions 1. She will convince Original company CompA to leave her existing H1/-140 without cancelling is it possible?, can she switch back if any issues. 2.I read online non-profit to profit (CompA)cannot be h1b transferred so if something goes wrong with the client (we never know elections and all )she cannot go back to (CompA) is it true? if so what is the resolution 3.She got her i140 approved in the 4the year and she has been using the i140 extension since so do you think she still has the 2yrs recapture period out of 6years to transfer. Please provide your inputs so we can plan accordingly ..
  4. pontevedra8

    I-140 denied, EB3, 3yr Degree

    Anyone got info on how long will it take to get a response from USCIS (which says initial review frm the past 90days) for i-140 refiling after initail denial. 3year +2 years master + 2 years Diploma from Aptech EB2 filing
  5. pontevedra8

    I-140 denied, EB3, 3yr Degree

    Hii Manohar, Congrats on your approval under EB3 . im also in the same boat like you following the same re-filing path. I would like to know how long did it take to get response under refiling. Did u file first under EB2 and then EB3. my attorney kept goofing up everytime .can i switch from EB2 and do i refile under EB3 how does that work, will USCIS determine EB3 if they think we r not eligible ? Can you please throw some light on this.
  6. pontevedra8

    I-140 RFE answered but Denied PP

    Hi Sudip, Thanks for your reply. I have got the Edu evalauted my *************** can i reapply or do MTR for the i-140. I heard we cant do a premium for the denied i-140
  7. pontevedra8

    I-140 RFE answered but Denied PP

    Hello Forum, I had my labor approved earlier this year and filed for i-140 under PP answered RFE but was denied. Mine is a 3yr B.Sc + 2yr M.Sc and Morning Side evaluated my education as a equivalent to US Masters. "Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field; 5 years with database analysis, design and development including 2 years . Alternatively, will accept a Master's in Computer Science or related field and 2 years experience , Labor was approved without a prob." RFE :USCIS wanted to check my M.Sc is 2 years or not. submitted the Indian University Syllabus and course details. :Wanted ability to pay from the the employer submitted 09,10,11 tax returns :Experience letter from my current employer submitted too. My I-140 was denied and still waiting for the denial response from USCIS. Is anyone in the same boat like me. please throw in your valuable inputs what could be the reasons. BTW my 6th year started 3 weeks ago. do you think im safe or screwed?