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  1. New0987

    Ottawa 221g's on Nov 13th

    @Venus23 , Real sorry for the late response. Yes if you are in EVC they will send a list of questions to your client. If any documentation is not needed. You will be asked to drop your passport in a week.
  2. New0987

    Ottawa 221g's on Nov 13th

    Hi All, Dropped my passport Yesterday. Waiting for pick up.
  3. New0987

    Ottawa 221g's on Nov 13th

    Hi @Swetha211 and everyone, I got an email from Consulate today around 4:00 pm. Looks like they want to clear 221g's after Client responded by this weekend. They ask to come on Tuesday and Thursday. Good Luck every one, looks like if you have a vendor we will be given 221g and the Consulate will check with the Client. Hope for the best and everyone should be Cleared in a week.
  4. New0987

    Shared Accommodation in Ottawa

    Hi I am coming to ottawa tomorrow morning. I like to share. Give me a mail @ kollipara9@gmail.com. Also can reach me @ 972-514-3709
  5. New0987

    Ottawa 221g's on Nov 13th

    Hi , I am still waiting for the email. Did anyone get an email. Please reply. Don't just see the post and leave away. Post your status. That will help others.
  6. New0987

    H1-B Ammendment Necessary

    Hi a999, You make sure your H1B is am-mended. Even you change a building location of the same Client you needed to do the am-mended. If are going for a Visa make sure that is done before you leave for stamping.
  7. Your Employer needed to be your Primary Supervisor. Make sure of that.
  8. New0987

    Ottawa 221g's on Nov 13th

    Hi Guys, As said i am in EVC and got 221g. I met a few other people in the same motel we are staying. They were around 9 people i met. They said they never posted in the form. Look like lot of people who didn't post in Murthy are still here from a week ahead. They said one of them was asked to drop passport on last Friday and waiting for passport. Some of them were asked for further documentation. It depends. But be prepared for 2-3 weeks. Good Luck Guys. People who want to go for a visa better go to India , this is just a suggestion. At least you will have a home instead of pricy motels in Canada. I am not sure of Vancover, Make sure not a lot of people post on the forms. Don't take the forms to track Success rate. Use the information regarding what docs needed only. Thanks
  9. New0987

    Ottawa 221g's on Nov 13th

    The VO was looking for a reason to make you feel that you didn't answered or you didn't provide all the documents. Then in15 mins email will go to the person on your Client Letter (Client side manager or HR). Make sure you have all documents : 1)All letters (Make sure you get Originals and detailed) 2)I129/LCA/Resume 3)paystubs/W2's @ Tax returns (As many as possible)/ bank statements 4)Employer-Vendor and Vendor - Client (PWO) 5)Employer tax returns 6) OPT and i-20's
  10. New0987

    What to tell at Port of Entry in Canada?

    Tell them you are there to get your H1B stamping. No more questions asked.
  11. New0987

    Ottawa 221g's on Nov 13th

    Hi @venus23, As KM3 posted. He asked me how many vendors do i have. Asked me for a list of documents and gave the list. Gave a 221g white. No other questions. Have all the letters. Send a mail in 15 mins to Client manager. If anyone go to Ott@w@ make sure your client and HR responds in a positive way. Thanks
  12. New0987

    Ottawa 221g's on Nov 13th

    Hi Guys, I am under EVC model and attended on Nov 13 and issues 221g White. Just says Further review. Same happened to another person. Again its the same officer every one are talking about. Any one in the same situation please respond and at least we can stay together and save some bucks for motels. Thanks every one.
  13. New0987

    H1B Pay stubs - questions

    Hi h1bdec, Your employer supposed to run the pay checks in Michigan. He is doing it wrong from what i know. If i am right your LCA might have filed in Texas. Your LCA needed to be Ammended in the state you are working (Client) and so as your Paychecks. Talk to your employeer and sort this out. Experts please correct if i am wrong.
  14. New0987

    Employee-Employer Questionnaire

    Hi Krish, I am planning to get my stamping next week in Ottawa. I have some generic question. Hope this may help. 1)Who (you/preferred vendor/petitioner) supervises the applicant, and is such supervision off-site or on-site? Ans: Employer . Off-Site/On-site. 2) Who does the applicant report to for work assignments? Ans: Employer . 3) Who completes the applicant’s progress reviews? Ans: Employer . 4) Who reports to the Client Manager? How often Client manager being reported? Ans: Your account Manager reports through Bi-weekly status calls. 5) If the supervision is off-site and performed by the petitioner, how does the petitioner maintain such supervision i.e. weekly calls, reporting to the main office routinely, or site visits by the petitioner? Ans: Weekly status reports, Bi-weekly status calls and stand up calls as needed. 6) Who has the right to control the work of the applicant on a day-to-day basis if such control is required? Ans: Employer control the work based on the project direction of the Client. 7) who determines the direction of the project? Ans: Client. 8)Who determines the applicant’s daily activities? Ans: Employer Manager. 9)Who provides the tools or instrumentalities for the applicant to perform the duties of employment? Ans: Employer and Client. 10)Who hires, pays, and has the ability to fire the applicant? Ans: Employer . 11) Who claims the beneficiary for tax purposes? Ans: Employer . 12)Who provides the beneficiary with employee benefits? Ans: Employer . Thanks, K B Chowdary