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  1. notsurewhattodo

    Messy System for VISA Appointment

    I booked a date in Chennai with Hindi language. Even though I am comfortable both in Hindi & English, is it a bad thing to book in Hindi language?
  2. notsurewhattodo

    Not able to find Interview dates in Chennai

    So..looks like there is a trick you can use. We had been looking for appointments in chennai for week of nov 19th and nov 26th for over a week now. We were growing anxious since the only these 2 weeks are not shown. So, from reading one of the posts, we picked language of appointment to be non-english and were able to see wide open dates for this duration. I know it's probably not right to use extra resources (there will be a translator I suppose), but I would much rather have an appointment. I sure hope it's works out ok. Buyers beware!
  3. notsurewhattodo

    Not able to find Interview dates in Chennai

    I am in the same boat. I have not seen any dates for week of Nov 19th and Nov 26th. I saw Nov 30th open 2 days ago, but nothing afterwards. Has anyone seen any dates during these two weeks open? What is the best (US Eastern) time to look for dates?