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  1. I am under similar situation as posted by boomjosh2007. Since I have also resigned. My last date of work at employer A is today (Oct 26th 2012) , and the last pay stub that I will get is on Oct 31st. Now employer B has collected all information from me for H1b Petition and are working on my documentation. They said they have to file my LCA and its not guaranteed that they will file my H1b petition before Oct 31st. Also my joining at employer B is on nov second week and they are doing premium processing on my H1B petition. Although I have asked them to expedite the process. I wanted to know - How long does it take for LCA approval? - Employer A will pay out my remaining PTOs , will that be considered in extending my H1b status? - Is there any problem you forsee which will affect my H1B approval. I would be able to produce the latest paystub of Oct 31st, hoping that gives me some time. I am in a big predicament here. Regards,
  2. Hi, I have an offer from employer B and they have started my H1 process , but the problem is my last working day is today that is Friday (Oct 26th 2012) and my last pay stub will be of Oct 31st 2012. I spoke to employer B's immigration specialist and they said they were not sure whether they can submit the docs by Oct 31st to USCIS. The good part is they are doing premium processing. My joining at employer B is on second week of november. They are yet to apply for LCA but I am guess they will apply in the following week. - How long does it take to approve LCA? - Will I face any issues in the transfer process because last paystub will be Oct 31st 2012 I have is only till that date, - They decided to pay me out the PTOs that I have? can they come into consideration with regards to H1B status? Regards, Herat