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  1. Hi, If anyone of you is driving from Ottawa to any city in USA, please let me know. Reach me at akhil0323@gmail Thanks
  2. I am not sure about L1 to H1 but I have atteneded F1 to H1B very recently that is 30th Nov. Change of status , you can go to Canada I think. Please wait for experienced people to reply. Good Luck
  3. sb1234

    H1B stamping in Canada

    hi diya1, My H1B started with new company in October 2012 (Fulltime). Earlier I was working as a Consultant. I went to visa on Nov 30th at Ottawa and got visa. It will be okay if you have earlier paystubs as well. you don't necessarily need to have 6 paystubs or more with same employer. The consular office knows where you have worked and everything based on your DS-160 form you fill. Thanks and Good Luck
  4. I don't know how you came up with 20%, I know its been a rough time. When I went in for interview 3 out of 4 got visas (I am talking only about h1b people I saw there). People I was talking to before I came here for interview also got 221g but most of them got cleared already. This post would have created a definite panic for people coming in the next few days for sure. What would you say about Ottawa after you get your visa to your friend.? Even they took time I was given Visa. this is what you will say. for that small time frame there is no reason to get disturbed. Good Luck.
  5. sb1234

    Visa approved Ottawa Nov 30 ..

    Thank you drift123.. More than I worked hard for the visa, I can say I was so tensed about it. :) VO didn't tell me about PIMS, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that's it and not panic too much. Good Luck
  6. sb1234

    Visa approved Ottawa Nov 30 ..

    Dude, are you kidding me.. I said, if you have all docs it is a piece of a cake. And what are the stats for your baseless answers saying people don't come to this place. I have seen myself people getting Visa's with a EVC. She was a girl sitting right next to me.. There were 4 H1B's when I went in, 3 were approved and 1 was 221g. I don't know what you are talking about. I am not fighting with you, but I am telling you that there is no base for your thing saying do not go to Ottawa. If you have all documents and good client relations, you will definitely get it. I know you are pissed off the way things are moving, but I believe its not good to lower the confidence of people. Good Luck and all the best.
  7. sb1234

    Middle name truncated in i 797

    Middle Name normally will be truncated after some letter or first letter itself. Happened on my i797 also..
  8. if you valid visa stamp, and you have all documents, you are good to change. no need to go for stamping again.
  9. sb1234

    First Time stamping, Can i go to VanCouver ?

    you can go to Vancouver. if it is Change of Status from F1 - H1 , you can go to canada. no problem.
  10. I am FTE with Masters in USA. F1 to H1B. H1 Started this October Went in @ 8:45am. Security, Finger Prints done. Waiting for my number to be called. 3 counters are open. 1,2,3. 1 was young asian guy, 2 was young american guy, 3 was senior american officer. called by counter 2. went there. VO : How are you today. Me : Doing good, how about you. VO : Are you working with XXX company? Me : Yes. VO : Did you work for YYY Company before? Me : Even though I Worked for YYY, XXX was client. I had to work for YYY because XXX cannot employ OPT students. VO : Can I see the Letter from XXX? Me : Sure and handed him visiting card of Hr and the letter. VO : Nice, your visa is approved. Good Luck. Me : (Out of happiness or confusion, I dont know) Good Night. He gave me back I797 and kept passport and client letter and handed me was your visa approved? document and said 2-3 days. Thats the story. I don't think the story of some VO rejecting for no reason or issuing 221g is true. I saw one guy getting 221g because he stammered when the VO asked something may be out of tension. I was also real nervous and stammering a little. But if you have all docs, its a piece of cake I believe. 2 other ladies were also approved. Thanks Good Luck Everyone.
  11. every month doesn't have same number of hours. They differ from month to month. There is no issue with slight change.. If you have too many hours, I mean if your worked overtime, telling that wouldn't harm..
  12. sb1234

    Couldn't attend interview

    If you don't show up, I think it will automatically be cancelled. I have no idea about the impact it has though. Good Luck
  13. When you did it under same employer, it counts as the same. Also, please wait for experts to chime in...
  14. sb1234

    Visa under Administrative Processing

    you van ask your client / employer write an email officially asking what is your status on visa approval and find out. Some times that helps a lot.. I have seen posts from ppl about that..
  15. Notarized copies might be good I believe. Good Luck