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  1. abhee12345

    H1b Successful stamping Dec21st - Vancouver

    All my friends who attended interview got there passport on Monday 24th DEC (22 and 23rd was weekend). That is, the passport was picked up on the same day DEC 21st by loomis.But VO gave me an option of picking up the passport directly at the consulate this friday,as I told him that am flying back this Saturday morning,he wanted me to play safe and pick it up directly at the consulate at 2.15 on Friday,so that I wont miss the flight the next day....I know my passport is ready,so will try to pick it up this thursday. If i would have kept mouth shut,i would have already received my passport 2 days ago :-)
  2. He should be fine...He can go to Vancouver.
  3. My h1b extension stamping was successful today @ vancouver. Around 7 to 8 people were apporved today by the time I left at 10.00am,am assuming there may have been more approvals late in the day ,I saw one girl getting hammered with tons of questions,but still I guess she was approved. Mine is EVC model. Interview was pretty cool..Questions were very basic. Good luck Everyone :-)
  4. Reposting: Hi - I have my visa interview on Dec 21st at vancouver.Please let me know if anyone has the interview on the same day. You can email me at amitabhinav.b@gmail.com , so that we can chat further. Thanks
  5. abhee12345

    Vancouver on Dec 21st

    @ustexas , Give me your email Id or send me an email to my email above,i can share my contact details there..
  6. abhee12345

    Vancouver on Dec 21st

    Hello - I have my visa interview at Vancouver on 21st Dec,Am planning to travel on 20th DEC. Please let me know if anyone has there interviews scheduled around the same date,so that we can plan our stay and share the expenses if you are intrested. Please email me at amitabhinav.b@.....com ,so that we can chat further. Thanks