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  1. My wife's EAD got approved in August 19 2017 but we moved to address B in July so I've requested USCIS to update address in July 15 but USCIS given us the confirmation in September that my address is updated to address B from address A. Meanwhile they sent my EAD to address A and as we have Address forwarding enabled from address A to address B, USPS sent back EAD card to USCIS. When we ask USCIS to resend EAD card to address B in September, USCIS replied they would send in 2 to 3 weeks but we didn't get any update on it until October saying they sent the EAD card to address B but we never got it. We called USCIS 2 weeks later that but USCIS said we need to wait atleast 3 weeks after we get an update from them so we called USCIS back after 3 weeks completed. Meantime I lost my job because I was not able to show EAD card to my employer. The USCIS officer now said that they will check about my EAD card and to call back after 3 weeks. Now it's November. I called back USCIS and the officer 2 said my earlier request to resend the EAD card was assigned to officer 1 and he closed the request saying he sent the EAD card but officer 1 never took any action to find where the EAD card is. So officer 2 told he would try sending emails to all the people where the EAD card is but officer 2 didn't assure that we would get back our EAD card and there is no way to expedite request any time as the EAD request is already approved. Can some one help me how to expedite the request to get back my EAD Card. Can any lawyer help me find a better solution for this. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. vijay60

    H1B Available dates in Hyderabad (April)

    Dates available for Hyderabad consulate from all March and from third week of February.
  3. Hi, I have H1-B interview scheduled on Feb 24 at Vancouver, Canada consulate. Looking for sharing accommodation during this period. Please reply if anyone willing to. Thanks, -Vijay.
  4. Looking for dates in January. Can anyone please help if you can see any dates in January at Vancouver/Calgary/Ottawa. I'm on H1 to H1 situation and previously stamping done at Vancouver. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Congrats on your Visa Stamping approval! Can you mention which location is the Visa Consulate?
  6. Hi Guys I had my Interview today April 18 Status Administrative Processing Can you let me know where you guys staying? Thanks
  7. Congrats and Thanks for sharing.
  8. vijay60

    visa interview on tuesday @ottawa

    Congrats and Thanks for sharing your experience.
  9. vijay60

    ottawa october 23

    Congrats Satya.