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  1. Since you are going from USA and not from any other country, you can enter "NO" for this question. I did the same in my application. Hope this helps.
  2. Friends, Its my turn to pay back to the Murthy community. Mine was a work related trip and I had to go stamping since my previous visa was expired. Appointment Time : I had my appointment in Vancouver on June 5th at 7.15 am. Just reach there by 7 am, that should be enough. No Bags, Backpacks are allowed into the consulate. We can keep mobiles(only mobiles) in their lockers. Photo: Take 2 Additional Photos with you. They are asking for a photo before you enter the consulate. Make sure it is recent. Questions: Purpose of the trip? Roles and Responsibilities? Project Description? Employer/Client Letters? Certifications? Previous I-797s? (Carry all important support documents including all W2 forms) Miscellaneous: I have observed in this forum that lot of people asking for suggestions regarding Canada,Mexico options. Here are my insights: Canada: As per my experience Canada option is expensive compared to Home country. You may need to spend at-least $100-$150 per day (including Stay,Food,Car and excluding flight tickets). By any chance if you get a 221g or Admin processing then it will cost you $100 per day and the wait is unknown (Stressful Situation). Mexico: Mexico could be a less expensive option. we can get 1 week permit to enter. The odds in this option are Language barrier, Safety Concerns. In case of 221g or Admin processing, Limited flight options to travel back to India and stressful waiting time. India or Home Country: Expenses are moderate (Since the cost includes India flight and vacation time). The odd in this option is Appointment Availability. If you can plan ahead, it wont be a problem. In case of 221g or Admin processing, you just stay with your family without spending for expensive hotels and food unlike in Canada, Mexico. Since you are staying with your family stress levels are low (compared to other two options). Conclusion: In all three options your case is same,the documents you carry are same, your job is same. Consulate procedures are same. If you have plans of vacation or visit home country in near future, don't waste two weeks of your vacation time in Canada or Mexico for stamping. Go to Home country for stamping and use that vacation time to have fun with your family If you have to travel out of country for a conference or work related trip(like me), then choose the country you are travelling. Please think about the odds and have a plan B in what ever option you choose. Hope this helps.Good Luck !!
  3. SA_05

    Calgary - waiting for passport

    @Happystay: Yes I have noticed something like a numeric notes(202-1) written on my DS-160 at the first counter. If PIMS was not updated i believe it will take a week to get passport. we cannot do anything at this point other than waiting.
  4. SA_05

    Calgary - waiting for passport

    Hi, I had my interview on Sep 5th and waiting for pp. Please update when you receive passport.
  5. Hi Experts, I have my H-1b valid visa till September 2014. I have applied for my H-1b Extension last week and petition is still pending.Now suddenly I have an family emergency and i have to travel India for couple of weeks. 1) Is it okay to travel now? Will it affect my extension petition in any way? 2) Can i come back with my current valid visa before my petition gets approved? 3) What will happen if my petition gets approved or denied when i am in India? Can i still come back with current visa? Please advise
  6. SA_05

    Can I come back to USA if i get 221g

    @Chirag: You cannot come back to US if you get 221g. you need to wait till it get cleared.If you have proper documentation you will get visa.
  7. Hi Guys, I had my visa interview(EVC) on Dec 5th in Montreal. Interview went well with expected questions like What is Highest Degree? What is your Bachelors Degree? What is your Salary? What kind of company is my Employer? Asked me to show all my pay stubs? Why Montreal for Stamping? Jobs roles and responsibility Unfortunately my PIMS was not found in their system. So I waited for 7 working days to get my passport with out any followup emails to consulate.I got my Passport on Dec 14th. Note: Montreal consulate is slow compared to other locations in post interview interview process but if you have patience it really pays off. Be prepared for atleast 2-3 weeks of stay. Good Luck!!
  8. SA_05

    2 Successful visas – Montreal, Canada

    Congratulations ArunJAD. Can you suggestion some convenient accommodation near to consulate? I believe it is very cold out there in montreal.
  9. SA_05

    Any recent Montreal experiences?

    @ArunJAD & Chowdary_Kish : Where you guys stayed in montreal? Can you suggest some convenient accomidations?
  10. @ All :The visa which i heard may be a B-1 visa.Thanks for responding.
  11. Hi Experts, I am planning for my H-1b Stamping next month in Canada. If in case my H-1b visa got rejected i will be in a big mess. I have to wrap up my home,car and other things. Do we have any temporary visa(May be a month) to come back to USA for fixing my personal stuff ? If there is one what visa is that? Where can i get it?
  12. Hi Praveen, Could you please let us know about your Interview? Accommodation? and Nearest Loomis Pickup?
  13. SA_05


    Hi, Can any one give some information on the convenient and cheapest accommodation near Montreal US Embassy?