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  1. Hi, My EB3 - I140 was approved last year but then I was promoted at my work and my employer filed my PERM again with EB2 category(later they would port my EB3 PD to EB2). Can my wife apply for H4 - EAD with my approved EB3 I140 or she has to wait until my new I140(EB2) is approved? Thanks Arun
  2. Hi, I'm filling up the DS-160 form for my fiance, and couldn't find an option to upload the photo. During 'Review' section, it says, "Photo will be taken at ASC". Does this mean, we don't need to upload any photo for DS-160 and they will take our photo during biometrics appointment? Thanks Arun
  3. HI, Since I have very limited vacation for my marriage and I'm planning to bring my fiance(wife) with me after marriage, I want to schedule the OFC appointment before marriage and the Visa interview after marriage. Can we do that? If so, what should be the marital status of my fiance in DS-160, as she will be 'Single' during OFC and 'Married' during Visa interview. Thanks Arun
  4. Hi, This might be a basic question, but I'd like to know if there is any validity for the fees that we are paying? I mean, I'm planning to schedule the visa appointment in December 2013, but if I pay the fees now, I can still use that receipt number to schedule the appointment later? Thanks Arun
  5. arun2633

    What should be the VISA Category?

    Checked with couple of my other friends who booked dates recently, in their confirmation page, they are seeing the same combination too. guess, some system error at their side. Can anyone vouch for that? Thanks Arun
  6. In my appointment it says, Visa Class : H1-B and Visa Category : Business/Tourism. Is that right combination? Thanks Arun
  7. Thanks guys, all of you.. Was able to do what you guys described and able to pay the fees..
  8. arun2633

    November 9 and after dates?

    Nov 6,7,8 are re-open at Chennai.. Morning appointments are available.. <Let's keep one thread for dates, instead of creating multiple threads>
  9. Hi, My friend at Chennai is trying to pay the visa fees for me. But the Axis bank people are asking for 12 digit cgi number. When I created an account for the ustraveldocs.com, I got like 8 digit number(right next to my username when logged in). Is this the CGI number? Or am I missing something here? Quick response would be much appreciated Thanks Arun