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  1. lostintraslation

    Messy System for VISA Appointment

    On same boat here. No dates in November. Why are they blocking this and why hide the availble dates. That was a great tool to help you plan your trip accordinly.
  2. lostintraslation

    Visa Appointment In November- Blocked?

    Did anyone able to schedule appointment in November under the new system? It seems they blocked entire month of November except Nov 1st. The new system is messed up and you can not see the available dates with out cancelling the scheduled appointment. I had to book my flight tickets in advance to get the ticket in an affordable price. The new scheduling system was not available that time and now no interview dates are available during my vacation (November Mid to Dec 1st week). I am not sure why they are making a big deal out of this system. If I know no dates are available, I would have to postpone my travel plan ahead. This is just not about money. It is an emotional thing as you give hopes to your immediate family waiting for a long time to see you. Also lot other personal commitments you might have planned are in jeopardy. Lets raise our voice against this discrimination.