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  1. sunshine365

    Mumbai H1B Dates in Nov 2012 - Dec 2012 (in Marathi)

    dates have opened for most of november and december (mumbai consulate, english) .....
  2. sunshine365

    November dates opened

    Dates have been opened for most of remaining November and December!!!!! People please book them ASAP..........
  3. sunshine365

    Mumbai H1B Dates in Nov 2012 - Dec 2012 (in Marathi)

    @ Blinking_Eye - even I am in similar situation. I am planning to be in India from Nov 23rd to DEc 17th but unfortunately no dates are available for h1b in english. So I have scheduled for hindi interview (@ mumbai consulate). I have done some research on web and this forum but unfortunately have not come across anyone who has done like this before. So if you get in more information or someone who has had similar experience PLEASE share it on this thread!!! Thanks
  4. sunshine365

    November dates opened

    @ VisaInterviewCa can you please tell me for which consulate that is for. I am looking for something around November 27th at Mumbai consulate but was unable to get anything and i did check at 6.40am EST. Right it just shows november 1st and 2nd..... :(
  5. sunshine365

    H1B Dates in Mumbai

    Dates available for November (Mumbai consulate) are only 1st and 2nd!!
  6. sunshine365

    Mumbai November dates?

    Even I am not able to see any dates for november - mumbai consulate.... Does anyone has any idea if the dates are already filled up for November or they have not been open yet? Worst case scenario I am planning on taking the interview in other regional language. As i have already booked my trip....