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  1. care_candidate

    Prevailing Wages when onwards will be effective for employee

    The amount shown in prevailing wage need to be paid as soon as you receive GC in hand. Your employer basically agrees to pay you at least that much during LCA application. It is obligation on employer part.
  2. care_candidate

    I 140

    Yes and Yes. Ideally you can ask them if they will sponsor GC so you won't waste time.
  3. care_candidate

    Switching Jobs

    Most likely.
  4. care_candidate

    Travel With EAD Combo Card

    Are you trying to use your EAD/AP card as visa to Dubai? You will need have Dubai visa, which is given on arrival in most cases.
  5. care_candidate

    Working with Expired H4EAD

    You applied for H1 H4 & EAD together?
  6. care_candidate

    Sent I 765 Fee and it was not needed.

    No, it shouldn't affect Why would you lose job?
  7. care_candidate

    Green card eligibility with 3 year bachelor degree

    Employment based green card eligibility determined from the job description NOT from qualification/experience
  8. care_candidate

    Question about I-94 status on the CBP website

    It is not an official record. Sometimes they miss to fill in details or altogether.
  9. care_candidate

    Travel while I-140 is in processing

    Yes sure. You H1b stamping will not interfere with I-140.
  10. care_candidate

    GC processing before H1B maxout

    Guys @nikg55 @ppalaniyappan You are wasting time posting here and waiting for reply. In your case every day is so critical that you could alter your whole career because of loosing time. It is extremely important in such cases not to lose time.
  11. care_candidate

    GC processing before H1B maxout

    Talk to your employer and their attorney immediately. Most likely in these kind of cases (I have seen at least two of personal friends and some more went through), you will have to return to home country on last day of your H1b visa and plan to return (If everyone else play their role while you are gone) when I-140 is approved and H1b extension is active.
  12. care_candidate

    Recapture priority date

    No because you were beneficiary.
  13. You will have to correct it in at least Passport and thereby visa or you are risking complete denial of application based on misrepresentation. No matter how hard that sounds, it is right action to take. As you already have US visa, you already have misrepresented yourself and agreed to follow government's action. Hire the attorney and make amendments.
  14. care_candidate

    Switching from H4 to J1 visa

    If your wife admitted to residency program on J-1, it is mandatory to do that from first day. By not doing so, she is jeopardizing her status as well as admission into program. I recommend not to toy with it and follow straight path that is given to her. Coming back to your first questions, when someone joins starts status on J-1 (or many other non immigrant status: Work or study), he or she is sole candidate responsible for maintaining that status. Your marriage and future intentions does not interfere with the law. This is even true when husband and wife are logically to remain in one place/country.
  15. care_candidate

    Change I797 before Visa interview

    You can have another DS-160 with new application that will supersede old one. When you enter information on that form, you enter employer detail; those are no longer true.
  16. care_candidate

    Is Stamping Required: Valid visa but new I-797?

    They made mistake and issued visa to him based on his passport expiration. You still need to apply for his visa this time. They will take appropriate action this time.
  17. care_candidate

    Mumbai consulate :H1B visa stamping with minor kid

    Yes, I am doing the same and did previously too - Mumbai
  18. care_candidate

    Travel to India without family

    No issue. If they ask reason tell them the truth.
  19. Big doubt that you will get any help about this on this forum. Hired attorney would be best option.
  20. care_candidate

    DS160 form filling

    1. There used to be only one option to visa interview depending on which State you line in. If you can select specific location, means you can go to that place. 2. Optional. Used for those people who has not written name in English. 3. Can you see both options? My guess is "Not employed" is more technical than other one. 4. You shall list all of them. It is possibly for security purpose.
  21. With new employer, start from scratch PERM. If at the time of filing I-140, your PD is current you can file it together with I-485, and EAD, AP too.
  22. care_candidate

    B2 Visa Rejected for Brother: Second Attempt

    Exactly, Believe it or not but for gray area applicant like this, it matters how last few interviews went. If it ticked off officer, it hurts next few applicants.
  23. Funny thing but few years ago, I got rejection based on 221g in first attempt. At that point I had no idea how to improve as everything was genuine and there was no way to make any amendments. So I merely waited for a month and tried my luck second time. Same questions, same answers and got visa! My impression was that they want to make some extra money from application fees. That may be true but it really depends on who interviews you. There is no such standard scale to determine applicant's qualification. Not fair but fact...
  24. care_candidate

    Switching from H4 to J1 visa

    No problem. They will not discuss you during interview. It will be about her program, specialty, duration. Her visa will have 212(E) rule and normally expiration for a year.
  25. care_candidate

    H4 to J1

    If you need detailed information, send me your contact. Similar experience here.