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  1. care_candidate

    Regarding I-140 Approval Notice

    I-797C is just receipt. I-797 A and B are approvals.
  2. care_candidate

    I797 H1B Approval - Error

    Most likely it won't get recognized at POE. If you have enough time for correction, you should do it otherwise carry all documents that show correct name.
  3. You need visa to go to Canada and visa to reenter to USA.
  4. care_candidate

    I-485 supplement J purpose??

    Very nice response! Thanks pontevecchio
  5. care_candidate

    I-485 supplement J purpose??

    Can you please explain the purpose of supplement J for I-485?
  6. After age 21, child will have separated status and will not be considered dependent. If primary beneficiary does not get green card before child becomes 21 yo, that child has to find some status as he/she cannot be H-4 anymore. One of my friends family is going through status and green card is in no sight. For that child to get Green card, he/she has to start over from scratch.
  7. care_candidate

    I 485 filing question - Date of Filing Chart

    To tell you the truth there is lot of chaos going on. So let me explain to you in two different time frames. First time frame is Before October 2015 and second time frame is after that. Before October 2015 USCIS used to publish single chart known to be Priority date lookup. This was simple: If in your category, the date surpassed you PD then only you are qualified otherwise you just have to wait. After October 2015, they with help of Obama administration, introduced new two-chart system. You may read that in following link. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-bulletin/2016/visa-bulletin-for-october-2015.html With this, in second chart, if you see the date surpassing, as you know, you can apply and no action will be taken at their end but you will be relieved as application is complete from your end. The benefit was that if your status remain pending for 180 days, you get EAD and can port job - This was huge relief for many candidates, who were looking to change jobs but got stuck. Now, going back to before October 2015 period, where retrogression was periodical toward end of fiscal year (near October) and there was bouncing back of PD. This continued for many years. But as years progressed, the situation became worse as there were many applicants and lot of them were jumping from EB-3 to EB-2. Still because of excessive increase in EB-3 applicants, the situation was so bad that EB-3 could have estimated to become current for 50-100 years (Beyond lifetime!). So, after second chart system there was relief for many candidates. After October 2015 another change was that retrogression did not happen for about 3 years and PD moved slowly over the period. But then again PD movement slowed down and in April 2018, it moved zero days. That suggested that retrogression is coming. However it did not come until last month. And fortunately it overcame all of that this month 🙂 So, there is lot of erratic behavior seen for PD movement. Please understand that all this is for India EB-2 and EB-3 only. Because, that's where most candidates exist for many years. Coming back to your question, Yes you are in good shape as you are just few months behind. Keep in mind that "Date of filing chart" does not move in pattern like other chart. It has stayed at one point for more than six months. And also it has to be activated (or useful) - I call it as a door with two locks 🙂 If I have to make a wild guess, you will become eligible to apply within next fiscal year. Normally, I would have advised to upgrade to EB-2 if at all that is possible. But, looking at where we are now (EB-3 running faster than EB-2), you may be getting lucky to enjoy being ahead of EB-2 guys. So get in the phase of gathering documents. If you them it is easy but some documents like birth certificate is very time consuming if you have to apply to Indian Government. You make wait for 2-3 months to see how PD moves and go for doctor's form I-693 as that form is good for six months after checkup... Good luck buddy!
  8. care_candidate

    Threat to I-140 or Green card after employer change??

    I didn't understand your response. Do you mean that employer A can revoke her I-140 and still after that it wouldn't affect candidate in getting her green card. What is the purpose of revoking then?
  9. care_candidate

    AOS 485, EAD and AP Application Packet

    It is very brave that you are filing AOS on your own. I thought of doing it and then decided to weigh in risk versus benefits. I want to tell you that the only benefit is saving about $2,800 as risk goes beyond your imagination. Trump administration are making rules so hard that a single mistake can make your application getting denied. I am not unfamiliar with the process as I have helped my previous employer file H1b applications successfully. But when it comes to such an important step you are talking about saving some money on one side and risking your entire immigration portfolio on other side. There are hundreds of things combined in I-485 (With J supplement), I-765, I-131 altogether that you need to have 100% correct or verified by another set of eyes with constant changing rules. You will be required paying $1,225 for I-485 anyway as fee and supplement J, I-131, I-765 being free. Make thoughtful decision. Goodluck
  10. care_candidate

    485 Filing Question

    I was looking at incorrect dates. So I had to correct my response. Regardless, once you shift your category you cannot go back & get to choose. Also, it is incredible to know that 1. "Date of filing chart" is usable for October 2018. This occurred only twice in last three years. 2. EB-3 is ahead of EB-2, which is almost never head of in history. 3. kiranraop could have qualified to file if stayed in EB-3, and, now NOT QUALIFIED because he/she is EB-2 Hence my response above.
  11. We flew in direct flight from Atlanta to US Virgin Islands (Nowhere else) and back. And had to go through customs and immigration same as when you travel internationally. Although VI and PR and other offshore locations are technically territories of US, visa holder like H1b, H4...etc. do go through as if you are coming from other country. It may not be required but still followed. In addition, within Virgin Islands travel by small boat (St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix) you have to carry your documents. This statement is based on my experience in recent years.
  12. What steps have you completed? Finger print, Interview, police background, What category? You need to provide detail.
  13. care_candidate

    I 485 filing question

    1. No. When you are filing with employment based application, you need to be employed. 2. Agree with above answer The AOS has no direct correlation to your H1. Still, in interview they will ask about your employment details - Whatever employer you are working for at that time.
  14. care_candidate

    I 485 filing question - Date of Filing Chart

    @rgsiva_it3 assuming that you are filing as an Indian. Date of filing chart: October 1, 2009 (Usable chart for October 2018) Date of final action chart: January 1, 2009 Your PD = March 15, 2010. This is 4.5 months behind "Date of Filing" chart and 14.5 months behind "Date of Final action" chart. That means you are NOT eligible to file now. When any of the above BOLD date surpasses your date then you can file. Also, if you are using "Date of filing chart', that chart needs to be usable too. You are in good position and expected to be eligible within about next few months. You may start preparing for documents.
  15. care_candidate

    Change of Status from F2 to J1

    First, you need to find what kind of job/study you are going to do. Visa category comes next and most of the time you don't get to choose category you want.
  16. care_candidate

    Travelling to India after 7 years

    No issue. Just make sure you explain this with all dates and proofs of all documents. If you are going through interview after long time as you say, lot of things changed not since your first visa. You will have only few seconds to explain all that......do practice 🙂
  17. We went to Virgin Islands on same status. They do check your I-797 at POE.
  18. care_candidate

    Visitor travel - advice needed

    Similar thing happen when my mother was coming. She actually was held at departing airport and questioned as why there was no return ticket. Because she had been to US before few times, they let her go. However, this could become bigger issue at POE. So my advice is just buy a return ticket to the best of your knowledge and then change by paying change fees. It is about $400 plus difference in fare. I understand that you are trying to buy one way ticket because of some uncertainty ahead. But, you cannot explain that to CBP officer and they may not allow her. I am assuming here that your mother wants return back home and just not sure when. If that is not the case, it is considered as potential immigrant fraud.
  19. care_candidate

    Travel to USA with 1 month of H1 visa left

    No problem particularly. However you should carry all the documents that you are applying for extension.
  20. care_candidate

    Need advise on my India Travel for VISA stamping

    What is PA? You don't get to select the Dropbox or interview. While entering information on consulate at the time of selecting dates, they determine that. There are some factors how they determine if you are eligible to Dropbox. Typically any "No" answer to following questions results in actual interview Are you applying for same visa as last time? Did you change jobs before this visa? OR Are you applying for same employer? Are applying at same location for stamping? ...etc.
  21. care_candidate

    485 Filing Question

    No, you are now in EB-2 only.
  22. care_candidate

    7th year H1B extension after i140 approval

    I-140 is normally takes less than 4 months. Do apply as quick as possible.
  23. care_candidate

    h1b after i140 approval

    What do you mean by "whether Passport will be available for my case"?
  24. The two answers to your question are No and No. First, is that once you moved away from EB-3 to EB-2, you cannot use EB-3 again. Second, although "Date for filing" chart says October 2009, the chart is not to be used. The way it works is that they have started to use this new system of show two charts - first is date of final action, which is same what was before to look up where priority dates are at the point. The second chart is the "Date of filing", so applicant can only file application for I-485 but it will not be processed until first chart shows too. But, this second chart is NOT to be used. Because even when they show the dates in this second chart, they also publish that where or not you can use this second chart. Here is the link that will tell you that. https://www.uscis.gov/visabulletininfo Scroll to where you see "You must use the Final Action Dates chart in the Department of State Visa Bulletin for September 2018". That's how you know when to use this "Date of filing chart". As of today, it is still showing information for September 2018. SO you will have to wait until they come up with that. Typically they show this in a week or two after each month's bulletin is published. This second chart system started about 3 years ago and in that charts was "Active" for only about 3 months in 2016 so far. Please understand that two charts are published by separate government entities that is why there is discrepancy.