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  1. care_candidate

    I-485 Check Cleared for Primary but not Dependent

    It is too early to call it as delayed. Even if your visa number is available, and you are eligible per "Final Action" chart, give it a week or two more before you start worrying. They won't miss on taking fee money.
  2. care_candidate

    Drop box eligibility

  3. care_candidate

    First Time H4 to H1B Stamping in Mexico/Canada

    Canada is preferred but I heard many people do it in Mexico. In Canada, they typically consider you are genuine candidate. There is however always some risk as TCN.
  4. Normally for India (assuming you are there), it takes 6 weeks. In some cases, I have heard it took 4 months but that is rare and more complex case. You can judge your case and estimate. During this time, all you can do is to check and call them once in a while.
  5. 1. There is always some risk in going for stamping. That is a general statement; and in your case, it is higher risk because of OPT. It is considered as transition state. You have finished education but not started on work visa. So technically there is no purpose for you to return to US. If you stay in US, there is absolutely no issue till end of I-797A, which also has new I-94 at bottom. The primary questions you will be asked is "What is the reason you want to go to US?". You really don't have good answer to that. You may want to look for job whilst on OPT but as of now, you don't anything. I would say chances of rejection are higher without RFE. There is nothing in US for you that visa officer need to verify you for. For example University or company...etc. You cannot be dependent because that's not what you are applying for at this point. 2. You basically should take everything from past visa such as University documents - I-20, previous visa...etc. because that's all you got. You never know what they would like to see. 3. At POE, you will be facing part II of what happened at visa office in home country. There, you only have advantage that you will have visa stamped but that is extremely low risk. I would say your biggest risk is at consulate during interview.
  6. care_candidate

    Parents GC Filed, can they travel??

    You can check all status at following https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do When they travel before approval of AP, their AP gets abandoned automatically for not following rules, however AOS processing continues Roughly, before six months, that is end of February in your case, their AP/EAD combo card likely to arrive, provided everything is in order.
  7. care_candidate

    First time entering after Green Card

    Thanks @pontevecchio and @JoeF
  8. care_candidate

    First time entering after Green Card

    Hi - received my green card last month. This is first time I am entering into US after visiting home country for a week vacation. Is there anything special care I need to take? Any documents, cards, AP...anything particular?
  9. care_candidate

    US Tourist Visa -brother in law to visit pregnant sister

    He may mention that if asked. Chances are reduced when officer get to know that he is unemployed. He can defend that by showing strong ties to return and justifiable reason to back that up though. In case of visa approvals, usually grown ups are expected to have something going on with career that needs to be expressed.
  10. Nothing particular. Are you doing immigration at Dubai airport similar to what they do at Abu Dhabi with Etihad? Regardless, officer will likely ask what your plans are after such a short expiration. You can tell plans about filing extension or returning back.
  11. care_candidate

    My GC Interview Experience

    @vkr112 Did you get Green card? How long did it take after interview? How long after dates became current?
  12. care_candidate

    Planning to Switch Job on I-485 Please help

    Well, the new job has to be same or similar duties. This is single most criterion I think to be judged during the interview. It will be whole new game if duties are far different. Compare SOC codes and try to establish link. Safest bet is to stay on the job till interview. The worst case is to get rejected because you applied with one type of job and switched to another.
  13. care_candidate

    EAD and AP disconnected?

    Never mind, I received a combo card.
  14. care_candidate

    Initial OPT taking too long

    1. Do you not have first name? If there is name discrepancy, it is big issue for identification. It may be only reason for delay. There is nothing as alphabetical order. 2. There is no such thing as normal processing. Typically it is first-come-first-serve. Initial OPT are processed fairly quickly and the reason yours has not has something to do with FNU. 3. No. 4. You need to get both school records straight to move forward. This can be secondary reason for delay. My advice is to talk to school visa official and if they cannot help you enough, you can take INFOPASS appointment to know what to do from USCIS official.
  15. care_candidate

    H1B Visa - Drop Box Stamping Eligibility

    Nobody can tell you that. When you fill in online information to schedule interview, there are few questions that determine if your case is simple enough to qualify for dropbox. Following are some of the questions you will be asked... Are you applying for same visa category as last one? Are you still with same employer? Are you planning to stamp at same location? There are more of these kind of questions and when you answer "NO" to any of these, you are typically required to appear for interview. In your case, you are changing employer, which means case is unlikely to be considered as straightforward.
  16. care_candidate

    EAD and AP disconnected?

    It has been few months since I applied for EAD and AP with employment based I-485. My EAD status shows "Card is being mailed". AP application has no change since it was received. Don't they both come together in one card? Am I missing something?
  17. care_candidate

    I-485 Incorrect Filing Fee

    It will not be rejected but when your visa number comes, they will send RFE to send remaining amount. For now, you can take INFOPASS appointment and ask them. I am sure they will guide you on how to pay balance.
  18. care_candidate

    Bahamas visa for cruise

    Best to ask your cruise company. Each of them have different requirements. Also, it must be closed course cruise. I did same few years ago and was asked to get visa, so I did; but they did not check.
  19. care_candidate

    B2 Visa Extension

    B2 visa holder cannot stay longer than 6 months at a time. Anything beyond that is considered out of status.
  20. I know at least two cases when candidates in situation similar to to your had to leave country and came back after I-140 approval. Company was at fault for not processing soon enough and paid for my friend's trip. To him, there were very risky and frightening few months as he was not even sure how it will be handled while he is out of country and feared that company may ditch him. You must contact attorney and make sure everyone is on same page about how it will go through if you have to leave.
  21. care_candidate

    Time line for interview

    Received status change for EB-2 India that interview will be scheduled. From what I see in processing times, as of now, they are working on applications submitted a year earlier than mine. Don't understand how my number got in. Can you please share your experience and let me know how long it took after this stage to have an interview setup?
  22. care_candidate

    Time after interview

    How long does it take to receive the GC after interview? I got interview date in next month. EB-2 India
  23. care_candidate

    I 485 filing question - Date of Filing Chart

    You become eligible for EAD after 180 days after filing I-485. You need to be deciding if you want to stay on H1b or move to EAD. As long as you are in US, you have choice. Once you decide to leave for International trip, while returning, if you use EAD, then you cannot go back to H1b. Hiring an attorney or using one from your company is good way to proceed now.
  24. care_candidate

    GC with Past Employer

    No, only current employer can file for Green card, I-485. They also need to submit form I-485J with the application to confirm that you will be employed at the time of receiving GC.