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  1. Sure you can. Friend of mine completed full degree in part time while on H1b and I-140 approved in EB-2.
  2. So, let me get this straight. You have two I-140 filed. First with EB-2 and then with same company with EB-3. And now you want to take on another job with different company and come back to original company to use one of the two I-140 filing and continue with green card application? If I am right, this is convoluted case And what decision option you are considering?
  3. How risky is it to change job on EAD 6 month after applying I-485?
  4. 1. I think total time taken for EB-2 is still going to be less than time taken for EB-3. It is easier to get PERM approved for EB-3 and same for I-140 for EB-2. 2. You can choose only 1 direction and only that will be your case. EB-2 or EB-3, not both. I do lot of analysis and based on historical data (last few years only), still May 2010 should be reached first using EB-2. 3. No.
  5. My husband's priority date reached and is ready to apply for I-485. I am on J-1 waiver job with 2 year rule. I completed just a year. Question is if I can join husband's Green card application as family? FYI: My own employer's I-140 is in progress.
  6. care_candidate

    I-485 during J-1 waiver job (1 year in)

    My spouse's priority date reached and is ready to apply for I-485. I am on J-1 waiver job with 2 year rule. I completed just a year. Question is if I can join husband's Green card application as family? FYI: My own employer's I-140 is in progress.
  7. care_candidate

    EAD 6 month after I-485

    After getting EAD, 6 month after applying I-485 (EB-2 India), the job can be ported to similar one. What is the definition of "Similar job"? What about salary in ported job?
  8. First and most important thing to know id that there is no such thing as H1b transfer. It is same as applying for new H1b. Only difference is that it will not be counted from quota of 65,000. 1. When new employer files H1b, that is H1b visa. You do not need another extension. Extension = Visa. Remember that with new employer you will need another I-140, basically starting whole Green Card process starting with scratch. 2. When new employer files for new H1b, they need to be applying to new H4 too. H4 goes with H1b. There is lot of talk going on with H4 EAD. As of now, there is no change but it may come with short notice. If your case is straightforward, H4 EAD should not have issue but don't assume anything. 3. That is not the valid reason for rejection. Again, when, you change employer, it is not H1b extension, it is new H1b. 4. If you made your decision to change, do it ASAP. Lot of times complication occur when there is less time, not more.
  9. care_candidate

    Suggestion required urgently

    It is grey area but if final product, your primary area of work is more or less similar, you should be ok. In case query arises, be prepared for a concise statement to explain.
  10. care_candidate

    I-140 Approved now India with same employer

    Hasham, What I think that your assumption that it will take 3-4 years for your PD to become current is far fetched. Recently, EB-2 India have known to move about 20 days per month and lets make optimistic assumption that EB-3 PD would be moving at 75% of speed of that of EB-2. ie 15 days per month. So, as it it is currently MAY 2008 (Not SEP 2008 as you say and reason is given below with *), yours is 30 months behind. So, it is unlikely that your date will come in at least 60 month, which is 5 years from now. 1. So if you stay with employer don't expect that your GC will come in 6 years assuming once you apply for I-485 it will take a year to get. And if you want to port that in six month after you apply for I-485, it will be 5.5 years from today. 2. Don't know what you are asking but I don't think it will make any difference if you wait in USA or India for waiting period for PD to become current. 3. You may very will change employer but unless that new employer (Who is also willing to sponsor H1b no matter what) agree to start your GC with EB-2, you don't gain anything. As typically first two steps will take about 2 years to complete, you will not lose any time. You can ask for recapturing same PD with new employer. Along with applying for I-485 at future date, you two choices to apply. If you are in US, you may use adjustment of status or consular processing. And, if you are outside US, you must apply for consular processing. Details of these two can be searched over internet. * You probably don't know as many candidates, but you see in bulletin that there are two charts - 'Final Action' and 'Date of filing'. 'Final action chart' is the one when they will start working on your application. 'Date of filing chart' is only used for you to apply but your application will not be processed unless the first chart date becomes active. That means, even if 'Date of filing' surpasses your PD, there is second test that needs to be fulfilled before you become eligible to apply. Even though this chart 'Date of filing' is published, you can only use it only if USCIS tell you to do so. Each month along with bulletin, they tell you whether or not you can use this chart. It is published at following web page. https://www.uscis.gov/visabulletininfo (Scroll where you see "You must use the.....") So, in summary it is like having two test before your use chart "Date of filing' First, Surpass your PD Second, They tell you to use this chart. FYI: Last time they told you to use this chart was during November 2016 to January 2017.
  11. You can have only one application action. So, the answer is No. Check visa bulletin and estimate which one is likely to become current first? Most likely it will be EB-2 option
  12. How did you manage to jump from EB-3 to EB-1? Did you have huge jump in your status? For example: Completed PhD, Received national award, Received exceptionally high salary bump...etc?
  13. care_candidate

    First time H1b stamping in Canada

    I personally prefer would go to home country. The reason, if it is rejected or for any reason asked for more documents, you are in safe country with no time bound restriction. However, there is no problem in doing in Canada. There is not first time or repeat candidate rule. It is just case of stamping.
  14. care_candidate

    Not going to go for stamping after H-1B renewal

    You don't need to go out of country do what I said above. If your employer has filed H4 for your dependent, they will file I-94 with yours too.
  15. care_candidate

    First H1B Stamping @ Halifax

    Ask them