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  1. care_candidate

    H-1B extension after 6 years with I-140 approval

    Try including bigger area/smaller towns that will have less prevailing wage
  2. Details: PD comparison? Urgency? Are you likely to stay in new/existing job for long time?
  3. care_candidate

    Cruise closed loop travel query

    Most Likely no. Ask your cruise company to verify.
  4. Thank you all! @pontevecchio surprisingly for India spouse jumped ahead by 14 months to March 2019 for filing chart.
  5. care_candidate

    How to buy time to get married while 485 is pending

    @prakash.sjc I understood your case. Don't know if you already found future wife or not but there is no one to force you to file I-485 at any point. People do file mainly because they worry that retrogression could throw PD far back. You just need to maintain your status and keep extending H1b. However, I would always advise you to file I-485 because of reason mentioned above. Consider three scenarios with you possibly marrying in 3 years. A. You file I-485 now and get green card within a year. Then you get married in 3 years and file I-103 and I-485 which would add 2 more years. This way you and spouse will have green cards in about three years with high probability. B. You wait now and keep extending H1b. Let's say you get married in next 3 years. Assume PD doesn't retrogress and then apply for I-485 together and get green card in about one year. C. You wait now and keep extending H1b. Let's say you get married in next 3 years. Assume PD do retrogress and go back 4-5 years and then apply for I-485 together and get green card in about one year. It may take PD 3-5 years to recover and become current. So, you both will get green card with each options A. 5 years with high probability B. 4 years with low probability C. 6-8 years with high probability. What would you choose?
  6. When Spouse has green card, does I-130 application receipt give priority date?
  7. Next status change will give you tracking number and then "Delivered" 🙂
  8. care_candidate

    H1B transfer RFE

    You can always amend form.
  9. It may be just workload resource issue. You are likely to receive it within few days.
  10. care_candidate

    Am I eligible for Drop box?

    Actually answer is no. CBP officer want to know the stamp you use to enter US is where you work and have that I-797A with you. It is fraud to show one visa for one employer and work for different employer. If if doesn't get recognized at that point, It will be registered on your account and you will have conflict of dates of employment at the time of GC processing.
  11. care_candidate

    Urgent: Better option to go for visa stamping

    1. You probably don't need to file premium as you are applying 6 months before expiration. You cannot book for visa interview before approval of I-797A because first, you do need details from that document and second, you cannot book appointment that much in advance, may be a month or two month before only. 2. Yes, perfectly fine to get it stamped for few months. Visa officer will probably inform or ask you what your plans are after 11 months. 3. Drop box eligibility is determined while you make appointment. There are series of 6-7 questions you have to answer. Such as A. Are you applying for same visa type B. Is your current visa still active at time of stamping C. Are you applying at same location where you got previous visa D. Are you applying for same employer/school?.......... "Yes" answer to all question leads to approval of dropbox eligibility. There is no option for you to choose drop box. 4. Typically full time job is 40+ hours since the beginning of employment. Yes, return ticket is not a problem. From your questions, it appears that you have some doubt about approval. Do people in your company have got denial or admin processing delay with similar situations? If that is the case, you should think carefully. There is no point is avoiding because of fear or rejection or delay. A lot of people don't have option to do this anyway. Having GC not in sight is common concern that has no effect here.
  12. care_candidate

    Query regarding H1-B Stamping?

    latest, always
  13. care_candidate

    How to get mother's visitor visa

    It is possible but highly unlikely for you to file her GC. She may not be willing to do it as it takes at least few years and you even don't have GC with you; So you will have to get it which adds to further years. One way you try is to go along with her to the interview. It will help create explain the situation more clearly than her going and have issues because of bad hearing (missing questions, misinterpretation...etc.). You can also explain that even that she wants to travel outside home country as often, USA is not the only destination to visit on her travel plan, as she has daughter in third country. But one care you need to take is not to seek for sympathy based on health or age factors as it may hurt the case. Obviously accompanying all the documents mentioned above is necessary but I doubt she would need that if you carefully formulate responses. Remember there are only very few questions you need answers to, and preparation is not going to be extensive. You have limitations as her background, past visits, time outside home country, family outside home country are non-amendable items on profile. I like your approach as either you will win or learn. Good luck!
  14. care_candidate

    How to get mother's visitor visa

    All you can do is to show that she has ties to home country. Perhaps her own home, relatives, job and other items collectively do say sufficient willingness to return back. On other side, when she has close relative (You and your sister) not living in home country and her family ties to you acts against your favor there is not much to do. Getting visitor visa is sometimes a luck factor. They give out such visas to blanket of people and once in while just reject based on one tiny thing. You may be caught in that despite preparing lot of things. It's not anybody's fault or it's not perfect science to overcome that.
  15. care_candidate

    Accompanying Mother for B2 Visa

    Just take appointment with link https://my.uscis.gov/en/appointment/v2 It is free service provided where you can personally talk to officer in their visa-interview kind of setting. Many times it depends on how knowledgeable the officer is on answering questions. What I observed from my experience in one of the low populated State that officer took time to find answers from her computer database and explained to the guy who was not so good in English. She actually wrote all the answers on screen, translated into Spanish and let reader read out so he could understand. It was impressive to me when I watched that during my waiting time. You may get good response as this is legitimate inquiry. Just make sure to prepare with questions, take notes and directions....goodluck