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  1. In Vancouver, all that they are asking here is End Client Have a letter from them and ur good Hope this helps.
  2. sunsam

    DS160 - Photo will be taken at ASC

    NO issues, Just carry couple of pics from Walgreens or if that also is not satisfied, they will take apic of urs then n there Chill about it
  3. sunsam

    2 i797 forms, Can i go for stamping ?

    Same scenario: Got mine stamped today. They only considered the latest I-797
  4. sunsam

    Two I-797s H1b stamping

    I just got mine stamped today with the same scenario. Nothing to worry, the VO will only consider your new I-797, the latest
  5. sunsam

    First Time stamping, Can i go to VanCouver ?

    1. Around 20 - 25 got approved in Vancouver in last 2 days (H1b's) so its pretty good 2. But, there are no available dates in Vancouver until I guess April 2013 now
  6. If all of u r settled; well n good. If any of u still needs an accommodation let me know. We are 5 now and have 2 rooms in hand. Only one more can accommodate if you are not finding a better option. You can mail me @ sunsamvan@gmail.com if needed
  7. Grab a soft copy from Walgreens, that did it for me...
  8. sunsam

    visa amendment

    Sorry for the delayed reply. You can update the new petition # for the already confirmed appointment. You got to click on reschedule appointment, follow the steps until u enter petition # and once u submit it.. get back to home... do not proceeed further
  9. sunsam

    H1B Pay stubs - questions

    No idea about 1 but for 2. It is simple, it is just because of the number of working days in the month for eg some months have as minimum as 19 working days and some have as max as 23 working days. There comes a huge difference in d pay
  10. 1. Yes please go ahead & book your interview slot. You can change it when you get your new Petition Receipt #. The process is to click on Reschedule Appointment and follow the steps, but once you edit the Petition Receipt # and submit it; do not proceed further. 2. Please make sure to file an H1b Amendment before you go. Also keep in mind, that on filing you may get a different Petition Receipt #.from the one you have. (You may or may not - depends, I got a changed #)
  11. Dude is that your no? BTW, there is a person who I know who needs accommodation during the same time; if he hasnt yet decided upon. Provide me a no or email to give u the info.
  12. sunsam

    Problem with retrieving DS160

    the best way is to: fill up a new ds 160, forget the old one and update it in your visa slot confirmation
  13. Completely agree with "visaoct15"
  14. All, Anyone appearing for an interview at the US Consulate in Vancouver from Nov 28 - Dec 04, do respond for shared accommodation or if anyone already possesses any; do let me know. You can also mail me at sunsamvan@gmail.com Thanks Sunil