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  1. h4wifelife

    H4 stamp-Visa Approved-But 221g blue slip(Chennai)

    Yes,he mentioned there is some technical issue going on
  2. I will advice against this,unless it is Canada or Mexico, and it is one time, and the length of stay is less than 30 days.
  3. h4wifelife

    Passport Renewal - Changes to DS 160

    I have actually done this back in 2014. You need to contact support, (create a case on their website or email them) and they will ask you to send a scanned document of the new passport, and they will update your profile. Parallelly,you need to create new DS-160 and update it on your profile as well.
  4. Hi, Here are the details of my interview Biometrics: Dec 14-Chennai Interview: Dec 15-Chennai Consulate Officer asked a few questions on my soupse's employment(he has always been a direct employee after his graduation) Officer: Visa is approved, but there's some technical delay. He handed me a blue slip 221g. Visa tracker still shows administrative processing. Is anyone else in the same situation?
  5. Thank you for your reply. I guess I didn't think through before asking the question. On thinking about the ds 160 process, one fills out the form under the assumption that he/she is applying from India. And eventually i94 information wont line up(I guess that's the whole point of entering i94 info) Sorry for asking a silly question
  6. Hi, This is the current scenario 1)We have our h1b h4 extension now 2)I am on h4 EAD 3)My spouse is going to India 4)He is eligible for dropbox 5)I have started my h4 ead renewal process yesterday (as I reached the 120 day limit before renewal only yesterday) This might be a dumb question however I didnt find any other thread with the same scenario- 1)Can I send my documents through my spouse so that he can drop off the documents for the Dropbox visa stamping? 2)Do you think the consulate will want more information as I have been employed? 3)Will it hinder my h4 ead renewal process
  7. h4wifelife

    Drop Box Eligability for H4 Stamping India

    Hi, I dont think she is eligible as you have changed your employer
  8. h4wifelife

    h1b stamp with reissued passport

    This is for dropbox program for my husband. We are planning to get his passport reissued. Thus the old passport wil have his h1b stamp. Will it affect our eligibilty for h1b stamp by dropbox
  9. h4wifelife

    H1B DS-160. Please Help

    This is for my husband's ds 160 form. 1) Previous US Travel Information- We had traveled to Canada via road and come back to US last year. Should I include this? 2) Immigration petition- My PERM has been processed and my compnay has filed i140 to recapture my priority date. Does that mean my husbands immigration petition has been filed? Also should we include supporting documents for the DropBox documents 3) Immediate relative- Should we not mention that our spouse is in the US as we both are getting it stamped at the same time? 4) Address of spouse ? For h4's ds160, should I mention my husbands US adress or address as per passport 5) Previous employment - My husband has been working for 7 years with the same company.HE has held several postions within the same company. Should we mention these positions in the previous employment information
  10. h4wifelife

    H4 i797 and Dropbox Program

    I am planning to avail the DropBox Program when I go to India. This is my second stamping. The first time I got it stamped , after marriage I did not have an i797. After my g=husbands employer applied for his extension, I got an i797 too, petitioner being myself. 1)Can I still use the dropbox program, as earlier I didnt have an i797 2)Where do I specify my i797 receipt number 3)Should I place my i797 with the required documents
  11. Thank you so much. We are planning a trip MY husband needs to get his passport reissued first and then his visa. I hope it will be okay if we send both the passports, older one with the expired stamp and the reissued one.
  12. Hi, Myself on h4 and my husband on h1 are eliglible for drop off program for visa renewal. I would like to know the average turnaround time , beginning from dropping off the necessary documents at the Team Stanley office. We are planning to drop off the documents at Team Stanley Bangalore. Wold appreciate input from people who been through this experience
  13. h4wifelife

    H1B Stamping Dilemma

    Thank you so much for your reply Jairichi!
  14. h4wifelife

    H1B Stamping Dilemma

    Hi Jairichi, Thank you for your reply. Also, if we intend to use the dropbox program, how close to the "within 12 month from date of expiry " date can we submit the documents to Team Stanely? For eg, if we reach India on 26th Sep 2014 and submit the documents, will we be within the 12 month period(exp date Sapt 28) ???
  15. h4wifelife

    H1B Stamping Dilemma

    Hi, This is our situation. My husband's visa was valid from 2010 and expired on 28th September 2014. After coming back to USA he got an H1B amendment and hence a new I797, it says H1B is valid from 25 May 2012 to 6 June 2015. Now this means, If we go back to India we have to get our visa stamped, right? Since he is applying for the same visa and since last visa was stamped in Chennai, and he still has the same petitioner and he fulfills the rest of the conditions, I believe we are eligible for Interview Waiver Dropbox Program Also, How close to the "within 12 months" condition can we submit our documents to Team Stanley? For eg, the expiry date is 28 September, if we give the documents to Team Stanley BAngalore on 26th or 27th of September, are we still safe?? I am worried because I am not sure when the documents will reach the Chennai consulate. Please help!!!!