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  1. ragz21

    Calgary Admin Processing Oct-02 2012

    Im waiting for the same.. my interview was on Oct 9th, Calgary. Do let us know if you hear back from the consulate. I moved to east coast after a week.
  2. ragz21

    CALGARY - Admin processing

    The accomodation is expensive unless you book it early. 2 other friends had the interview on the same day as mine, so we are sharing a room. we have been using Cab for transportation until now as we are sharing our expenses.
  3. ragz21

    CALGARY - Admin processing

    My Major and my field of work are both IT/Computers/security related.. I will update once i get any response.
  4. Hi I have been working for a financial client(EVC) from the beginning of 2010. my interview was yesterday(oct09) at 8:00. The VO gave me a white sheet saying " your visa is approved with pending Administrative processing" and returned my passport. I was the first H1b of the day and the interview went fine and was pretty straightforward. The questions asked were: Whos your employer whats your education qualification where did you complete your masters whats your major what are your roles and responsibilities she asked me for my resume and gave me the white form which says Admin processing. She didnt even check any of the docs/i129/lca/client letters/paystubs/tax statements or anything. She just kept my resume, recent i-797, ds-160 confirmation. is there anyone who had a similar issue? if so can you please respond on how long it would take to resolve this? Thanks.