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  1. H1Ottawaoct

    H4 out of status

    Same boat, can someone help?
  2. H1Ottawaoct

    H4 stamping after H1 refusal(221g)

    @Guna, please let me know what questions were asked, thank you!
  3. Hello, Can you please update what happened? Did you yet go for H4, am on the same boat?
  4. I would like to share cab. Please contact H1Ottawaoct@gmail.com
  5. H1Ottawaoct

    Driving from Ottawa to MA

    @harsh123- please contact at H1Ottawaoct@gmail.com
  6. H1Ottawaoct

    221g Clearance 29th October onwards, 2012 at Ottawa

    Yes, I did get the email and they took the passport. Contact at H1Ottawaoct@gmail.com for more info.
  7. H1Ottawaoct

    People going to Ottawa, please Beware!!

    @raj-email- Mine is H1Ottawaoct@gmail.com. Please contact
  8. H1Ottawaoct

    People going to Ottawa, please Beware!!

    Raj-email- can you please give me your email address? I want to contact you.
  9. Please contact H1Ottawaoct@gmail.com for faster response and details. Place is close to Embassy and affordable.
  10. Nak, Sorry to hear that. Now what are the next steps?
  11. H1Ottawaoct

    People going to Ottawa, please Beware!!

    Raj, Was yours cleared? Please let me know and send me your email so I can contact you. Thanks,
  12. H1Ottawaoct

    Toronto or Ottawa

  13. Please respond to this post and email to H1Ottawaoct@gmail.com, if anyone is looking for accomodation close to the Embassy. Thanks,
  14. Please respond with details. Free continental breakfast, high speed internet. 2 Queen beds and spacious rooms. We are 2 girls and can share with another or 2 more. Thanks,