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  1. test_acc

    221G white March 11

    I was in EC category, gave my interview in ottawa on 29 th Jan 2013. Got 221 g white. Client,employer,me were contacted exactly 1 week after my interview date. They required further documents from my side, and the whole approval process too around 15 days to get resolved. But yes, the first communication happened after exactly 1 week. Its tough , but be patient, everything will be fine. Best of Luck.
  2. test_acc

    L1 to H1 COS first time to Canada

    1) If you file COS from L1B to H1B - the day your petition is approved - you automatically become a H1B candidate. Your L1B is suspended. Yes - you can go to Canada to get your stamping done for H1B. (But you can continue working in US even without stamping on the basis of the I797 and new I-94) 2) If you go to Canada and your stamping is rejected, you cannot return to US on L1B visa.
  3. test_acc

    White 221g Ottawa 29th Jan

    I got approval on 02/13/2013, and my passport with the visa back on 02/15/2013. thanks.
  4. If VO asks for the client letter, it is important that the letter should mention your Vendor name, There are instances where client letter isnt asked (but then it is rare).
  5. Yes, you should return the I-94. The 30 day rule is only valid if you are not going to attend a visa interview.
  6. test_acc

    White 221g Ottawa 29th Jan

    Hi, My client received a verification email on Tuesday 02/05/2012. My interview was on 29th Jan - so it took them 7 days to send the email. I received an email from them too - to submit some documents (W2s, I129 , RFE response if any). Client replied on Wednesday 02/06/2012 , I submitted the documents on Thursday 02/07/2012. Lets see how much it takes them now to process the information,
  7. test_acc

    Canadian TRV at LA

    It took 10 days for me
  8. test_acc

    White 221g Ottawa 29th Jan

    I am on EC model,The white form only says "Additional review" ticked. I am staying at a friend's place.
  9. test_acc

    White 221g Ottawa 29th Jan

    I am Employee-Client model. The only information on the form is Further Review is ticked. I am staying at my friend's place, hoping to send a status update email on Monday,
  10. test_acc

    White 221g Ottawa 29th Jan

    Hi , I attended interview in Ottawa on 29th Jan 2013. Recieved a white 221 g form , interviewer said -" Shouldnt take too much time , we will contact your client and employer" Passport and I797 kept by the consulate. Latest update: 1st Feb - No email yet sent to client/employer. Can anyone guide as to how much time it normally takes, and is there anything from my side I can do? Thanks
  11. test_acc

    Anyone for Ottawa stamping - Jan 29th 2013

    I have my interview scheduled at 7:30 am on 29th January 2013.
  12. Just got approved on 7th November, Thanks everyone. And best of luck to everyone waiting.
  13. Hi, I applied for H1B on 6th June 2012. Upgraded to Premium on 11th September 2012 Got RFE on 24th September 2012 Replied to RFE on 27th September 2012. Status on USCIS website still says "Request for Evidence" . This is from CSC. Since its a premium process shouldnt RFE be processed under premium process? Is it normal for it to not even change to "Response under Review" ? Thanks in anticipation.
  14. test_acc

    H1B PP approved

    Did you status change to Response under Review after you sent the RFE reply? Is this California center? If it did change to Response Under Review, can you tell me how many days after you sent the RFE documents did it happen. Thanks in advance.
  15. test_acc

    RFE response time

    Hi, My case if at California Center. I got RFE on my premium H1 processing on 24th Sept, I replied back through fax on 28th September. The online status still shows RFE for me, Any idea how many days does it take to reflect the Response Under Review status in premium case ? Thanks.