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  1. alex2012

    H1B - AMENDMENT requirement for stamping ?

  2. alex2012

    Appointment in December - Toronto/Ottawa

    @ Coolguti & @nilzzz = where are you guys going from and when ?
  3. alex2012

    Appointment in December - Toronto/Ottawa

    10 Dec Toronto
  4. alex2012

    H1B stamping Toronto on Dec 17th

  5. alex2012

    Vancouver vs Ottawa

    the earliest date available for vancouver is 14 march as of now. SInce, you are going to india in feb, you dont have choice to got to vancouver.
  6. alex2012

    H1B stamping Toronto on Dec 17th

    Appointments are not available for 14 and 16. as of now they are available for dec. 10, 12, 17 .
  7. alex2012

    H1B stamping Toronto on Dec 17th

    Im going to toronto on dec 10 . EVC as well . please pass me ur email,just to keep in touch !
  8. Earliest date Available for Vancouver is 8 march as of now !
  9. can you share You Interview with us ! thanks
  10. alex2012

    successful stamping in toronto on10/29/12

    which model ? EC, EVC, FTE?
  11. i have my appointment @ the same day ! plz pass me you email ! Thanks Alex
  12. HI Guys, I'm going to Toronto for Dec 10 .stamping ! Can any one suggest a Hotel ; nearest /Walking distance which will has good internet connection ! If some body has dates in or around that day reply to this thread! we can discuss accommodation and/or travel plans ! Thanks Alex
  13. why don't you go for Toronto ! they have dates available for nov & dec.
  14. alex2012

    Dta: dec 11'2012

    where @ ?