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  1. what is your RFE regarding?
  2. Hi All, did anybody applied for h1b transfer recently in CA service center with Stratford Master;s degree??
  3. h1pp did your transfer application got approved?? what is your RFE regarding??
  4. bio99

    H1b Transfer question

    thanks rahul for clarifying
  5. bio99

    H1b Transfer question

    if my h1 get denied does it mean I am out of status how can I continue with Companies A h1 ?
  6. bio99

    H1B - RFE

    is this your first h1b ??
  7. bio99

    H1b Transfer question

    Yes I will not leave A before h1 is approved from company B...my question is if in case h1 gets denied with B ..can I still continue with my present h1 with A..
  8. bio99

    H1b Transfer question

    Thanks for the reply shiv
  9. bio99

    H1b Transfer question

    Hi All, I am currently on H1b with company A (from Oct 2012) and I want to transfer my H1b to company B. If my H1 transfer get denied can I still continue with my current H1 from Company A.
  10. Hi All, I got my visa approved last month. I am planning to change my employer now . But I saw my employer's company name is mentioned on my visa. I heard there is no need to go for stamping again if we change the employer . But on US visa stamp I saw my old employer's name . so how should I defend this at port of entry(I am planning to go to India in March). Can I change my employer right away now and can go to India in feb or March . What should I tell near port of entry. Please advise
  11. bio99

    221g white, no email to Client yet

    Hi which consulate did you attend for your visa ?
  12. Hi All , please post your experience if any
  13. bio99

    221g white further review in Ottawa

    If client responded positively you will get approval in 1-2weeks ...don't worry
  14. bio99

    H1B Visa Stamp at Ottowa on Dec11,2012

    check the below link for complete list of docs
  15. bio99

    H1B DS-160 Questions - Please Help

    It doesn't matter if you mention Master's , ...all the above answers you mentioned are right...