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  1. Hi, Anybody for stamping on April 14th, 2014 in Jamaica? Regards, GPSAM
  2. gpsam

    H1B renewal stamping

    Hi, I had same question last Oct, where I have a valid visa and I797 till Jan 6th 2014. I went to India and came back on Nov 27th ( I didn't apply for my extension). Officer in port of entry asked me weather I have an extension. I replied him that my employer will apply for it in December. he said ok and gave my I94 till 16th jan 2014. And from my friend's experience exactly same as your he came back without going for stamping just before 15 days of his visa expiration. Got his I94 till his next extension's expiration date Hope this will help you Regards, GPSAM
  3. gpsam

    I 797A not returned after visa interview

    Not to worry they will send that along with your passport
  4. gpsam

    Please Help me on DS 160 Question

    According to me it should be No, because your H1b (approval) got denied not the Visa but check with other people too
  5. Don’t worry, you will get your visa till Jan 2015, but while coming back you may get your I-94 till April 2014 (not in all cases). You can't apply for passport renewal before 12 months of validity I recently entered us from Canada (Nov) after stamping and my passport will expire in June 2013 and my I797 was valid till Jan2014. Both Visa and I-94 Issued till Jan 2014 Hope this will help you
  6. No Its not mandatory, I got my visa from NY Consulate without it
  7. White one stapled to PP
  8. Hi Guys, Finally I am putting my story together Stamping date, Time, Location: 23rd Oct 2012, 8.00 a.m, Calgary Result: Administrative Processing Response Email from Embassy: 9th Nov 2012 (18th Day, Friday evening) Submitted passport: 13th Nov 2012 (since Monday holiday_veteran’s day) Got PP back: Thursday, 15th Nov 2012 Back to U.S: 16th Nov 2012 (25th Day) Regards, GPSAM
  9. gpsam

    CALGARY - Admin processing

    Got email from the consulate to submit the passport on friday Nov 9th evening, since Monday is a Holiday submitted it Yesterday Nov13.
  10. gpsam

    CALGARY - Admin processing

    Good Luck, Happy to hear that
  11. gpsam

    CALGARY - Admin processing

    Hi vasurao999 and ragZ21 Same case as yours, I was the first H1B candidate iterviewed on 23rd OCT, few general questions, She handed me the AP paper Any update on your cases, please let me know or email at gowthamip.krishna at the rate gXXXX dot com Regards, GPSAM
  12. bio99 not to worry many of them got approved yesterday when I was there, I was the only person with AP before 10.00 a.m as per my knowledge ( Keep faith in god and do what all you can) But make sure that you submit your DS160 much in advance All the Best
  13. gpsam

    Calgary Admin Processing Oct-02 2012

    Good Luck, Did they ask for any other docs in between or this the first email received from them. because the lady asked me to wait for the email