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  1. Hey Kathi, I am planning to go for h1 b stamping this dec at Tijuana, my visa expired long time back, may be 2 yrs, now that I want to visit india, I am planning to tijuana, there are some challenges in my case,, though if I were to go back to india from there what are my options please send me those details please can you email me jaan5us@yahoo.com ..
  2. krishh1b

    H1 b stamping in Canada with DUI?

    Thanks October that was very informative @shandan, thanks even I thought so in first place, however I decided to India, so just want to give it a try if not then anyways home country, cant we do that way?
  3. HI Mitsu3000gt that was great post, actually I am having same prob like others DUI in NYC in 08 and I have 797 till 2014, I was on h1 ever since I was in USA, so I am planning to go for stamping in hyderabad this dec, what can I expect from them, where should I get doctor appointment, is it possible to get this done prior to stamping your help is much appreciated
  4. Hi Ganesh, Congrats!! even I am planning to visit ottawa for my h1b stamping, I see most positive responses from this consulate, can you please send me details about - do we need canada visit visa before and what docs needed for this visa, I live in NY area - what docs needed for suceesfull h1b, I know its a regular question and all we need is confidence but still can you please share what docs did you carry, I am under EVC model can you please share your detials to my email id chaitanya29@gmail.com
  5. Hi Folks, I was going through this forum looks like this is awesome platform for many like me who would be greatly in need and seek help, this is my first time writing to this forum hope I would get some responses My h1b expired 2010 jul, I never needed to travel out of country, since now that I need to visit India(planning to get married :) )I am planning to go for stamping in canada as I have been reading stamping in India is at very high risk, so planning for canada at any place, here is small brief about my situation h1b validity upto 2014 EVC model(can get client letter and vendor letters) earlier Visa Expired in 2010 DUI in 2008 but have all paperwork and cleared all court formalities in 08 no liabilities due or any other formalities due what are my chances of h1 stamping in cananda, do I need to go through physician for any tests there, how long can this take? what docs are needed for visit visa to canada? I live in NY so can go to walkin for visa at canada consulate in NY. please help,I am planing in Oct 2nd week or so is anyone travelling at around that time so we can work together