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  1. mitsu3000gt

    Visa Stamping and DUI

    @desi555 If you are still looking for an answer - No, you donot need to go for Physician evaluation again. VO will ask about the arrest record again, and you need to tell him the truth. Although he has a record of everything from yoru first H1b interview- it would be advised to mention him that you went through medical evluation etc. This is coming from my personal experience. DUI in 2006, First stamping in 2008, second stamping in 2009
  2. mitsu3000gt

    Employer tax returns and financial statements

    I told you, you are GOD :D
  3. mitsu3000gt

    Employer tax returns and financial statements

    I was stopped at Hyd consulate security post for carrying sealed University transcripts. They didnt allow me to open the envelope in the consulate premises, and was told to leave the building to open the envelope. This happened to me twice, first time in Chennai and recent time in Hyderabad. and thanks for your Hope everyone (funny guy Omshiv) behaves like this.
  4. well said. follow the time stamps on the messages and say again..you just prove again that you DONT know anything that you type here.
  5. mitsu3000gt

    Employer tax returns and financial statements

    why do you act like you know EVERYTHING here..just stop commenting unless you know the truth. Sealed envelops are NEVER allowed into consulate..Did you swim across the ocean from South to enter US, or did you ever goto American Consulate ?
  6. mitsu3000gt

    Salary on Bench and Pay fluctuation

    right.. apparently, omshiv can pay for his gc fees :-)
  7. Omshiv: This guy is funny. You know when does this guy bs around? everytime he types on this forum.. All he know is to scare people and hate people and get some attention..seriously, he is funny.
  8. I had DUI 7 years back. I traveled atleast 15 times since then. I was stopped at secondary screening everytime I cross the border..and I was also told many times that, secondary screening will not be required once you become good citizen. I am on H1 now.
  9. Do you think every company out there do the criminal back ground check on employees? unless otherwise job description needs one.
  10. 485 form requires you to answer whether you have been arrested before. Do not lie here as this puts you in a tougher situation to get your gc.
  11. mitsu3000gt

    DUI and OPT Extension or H1B - Need Help

    Your DUI will only go out of records when you expunge your records (if you state allows). Even if your case is expunged, it will still pop up in all immigration related cases. Your OPT extension or H1b application shouldnt get affected due to your DUI case pending. However, your H1b stamping has to go through medical screening and psych evaluation (must 221g) if you go for stamping in next three years. One thing you MUST remember is to: Check 'YES' for all your immigration paper work from now on ( I believe you were arrested for this DUI) and you should never lie to any immigration officer (infact to any federal or state officer). It is highly recommended to save all your paper work from now on including court records, arrest records, any other police reports and attorney records. These are MUST for visa stamping. Just to give you headsup: You will be asked whether you have been arrested before question in 1) DS 160, 2) Some job applications 3) I-485 ..Do not lie.
  12. mitsu3000gt


    Court records, lawyer records in case if you have any. You need all of them for your H1 stamping.
  13. mitsu3000gt

    H1b visa stamp in Israel

    I dont know if it helps: My colleague, a Japanese attended US consulate for business visa in Taiwan. That is not his first time visa though..I attended S.Korean consulate from China....And, you know you can definitely apply for most country visas from US although you are not citizen or PR.. I would contact US consulate in Israel and see if I can go. The other side of the coin is, it is your first time H1 stamping..there is fairly good chance that they ask you to apply visa from home country...--My 2 cents
  14. mitsu3000gt

    DUI on H1B - looking to transfer

    With my knowledge on DUI and H1b, here are asnwers to your questions 1) USCIS may find it out. But a completed DUI shouldnt change USCIS decision on your H1. Friend of mine submitted his DUI records to USCIS along with I-129 although its not required. (he says, his atty recommended) 2) No 3) No 4) Not required to tell them. You usually do not mention that you were arrested or DUI anywhere in H1 paper work..If your employer/atty asks, I would never lie..in the same time, I woudnt tell them my story if they wont ask. And, if I get things right; you only can expunge a case when you 1) proven 'not guilty' that subsequently dismiss the case or 2) wait 7 yr/5 yr term (without any other cases) depending up on the state your case was filed. How are you planning to expunge your case here? I had DUI 7yrs back that was not expunged yet. I had my F1, H1 and H1 ext after conviction with 2 times US visa stamping. My employer didnt know that I had DUI till now. However, he will know about it when they file my I485. Also, please remember that you should never lie to 'arrested' question throughout your career. It will screw up your immigration chances a big time. Long story short: you should never lie if asked. H1 shouldnt be a big problem. 221(g) is a must requiring doc evaluation on you, if you attend visa within 2 yrs of conviction (VO may waive doc evaluation after 2 yrs of conviction), and last but not least, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE :)
  15. mitsu3000gt

    Enter US with B1 or H1?

    He is planning to renew his passport while in India and he isnt sure if gets his passport back in time to goto Consulate of China...Consulate of China in India is taking average of 15 days for business visa and my brother isnt very sure if everthing goes fine in this fixed time frame. He wanted to see if he has an option of applying for Chinese visa here in USA. Obtaining Chinese business visa is in 2-3 days in US, provided all documents are good.