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  1. Hello, Any one faced the issue where the fee receipt is not recognized by USCIS case status portal? Below is the response my the attorney - Can any let me know what they are saying is how it works? I got lucky – in the sense that someone answered my call immediately. That is where my luck ended. The customer service agent could not help me. She saw in the system that we made an inquiry on "date". USCIS was supposed to assign the inquiry to an officer on April 19. They have not done so yet. The only “helpful” information was that apparently there has been a problem with the case status service not recognizing a lot of files. We are stuck waiting. Think of it as the days before caller id. You used to answer your phone and not know who was calling. Now, you will not pick up the phone unless you know the caller. In the old days with USCIS/INS, we received the fee receipt and sat in the dark until the approval notice arrived in the mail. That is where we are now – we know the petition is pending, we know processing will probably take about 4 to 6 months, but we cannot register for alerts or check the status online or via the automated phone system. Thanks..
  2. tjmanik

    DS160 Doubts

    Hi All, I have a questions. I transferred from a UNIV A to B after a semester. In Education section of DS160 should i mention both the universities? Or should i just mention the one from which i graduated. I transferred 2 subjects from my previous univ. Also, Incase the Vo asks a reason for the transfer, what could be a good answer? I moved from a good university to a not so good university. Thanks, Manik
  3. Hi, Even i am running into the same. I'm trying to book a visa date in HYD around Decemeber. Let me know if you are able to figure out what the request number is and even my HDFC reciept is not being accepted. Thanks..