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    Hi, My husband, the primary applicant received his Green Card in the month of March 2012. I got RFE so my I-485 application is still pending and I don’t see my application will get any attention because of date retrogression. I have EAD/AP that will expire in Feb 2013. Now, there is a good possibility that my husband could lose his job soon. I was wondering if anyone could provide me with answers to the below stated issues: a) Does his job loss affect my I- 485 application? b) What happens to my AOS status that was filed by his employer, in case he is out of job? c) Who can file my EAD/AP renewal (since it expires in February) in case he is out of his job? d) What happens if he loses his job after my EAD/AP renewal is filed by the present employer? Appreciate much your replies. Thanks, DV