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  1. skhanm99

    Accomidation needed @ ottawa between 25-28 Jan

    Email me at Ottawa.dec.14@gmail.com
  2. skhanm99

    accomodation ottawa Jan 26th to Feb 1st

    Email me at Ottawa.dec.14@gmail.com
  3. Hi, I am in Ottawa waiting for my visa. Let me know if anyone wants to share accommodation Thanks,
  4. I am going for H1 stamping. This is my 1st H1 before i was on F1
  5. Hi, My interview is on Dec 10, I am planning to drive to Ottawa this weekend from Ohio. If anyone interested in joining me mail me @ ottawa.dec.14@gmail.com
  6. Hi, I have my interview schedule on Dec 14th wanted to know if anyone has accommodation available and I have not booked my tickets yet so if anyone is driving to Ottawa I can join them. You can contact me @ ottawa.dec.14@gmail.com. Thanks
  7. i am planning to visit Ottawa on Dec 3rd, not yet finalized, Have you booked the date for ur interview.
  8. skhanm99

    Dates avaliablity Ottawa.

    Hi, I am planning to go to Ottawa for my H1 stamping in 1st week of Dec 2012. Can some on let me know if the date are open or is there a way i can see the open dates online. Thanks
  9. skhanm99

    New H1 B stamping

    Hi , I am thinking to go to US embassy in Canada for my H1B stamping. Here is some background about me Arrived to US on F1(Student Visa ) in March 2007. Completed my master in Jun 2009 Was on OPT from Aug 2009 –July 2010 Was on Extended OPT from Aug 2010 –Dec 2011 On H1B from Dec 2011 – till date. Can you advise me on whether I can go to US embassy in Canada for H1 stamping. Thanks
  10. skhanm99

    Successful H1B Stamping on Sept 12th Vancouver

    Hi Peace Lover, Congrts on your stamping I have a questions for you, I came to US in 2007 on F1 and my H1 B got approved in Dec 2011. I am planning to go for H1 stamping. So this will be 1st H1 stamping. Was it the same case with you as you mentioned u where on OPT.? Thanks