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  1. shanthibabu

    H1B stamping Ottawa @ Aug 2nd

    Anyone on same day traveling to Ottawa for stamping? Can share room and expenses
  2. We are total 4 persons... went to initial window..he clearly asked passport, 160 confirmation, letters( specially if you work with client/end client? they will call your number and take finger prints and later they call for interview... They definitely review your documents before calling you to window.Atleast this was my understanding. below are the questions asked: PERSON 1 ( EC) 1) how long you have been working with XXXX( employer)? 2) Where you did your bachelors? 3) is it technical? 4) where and what you did in masters, kind of related to work title? 5) who is client? 6) how long you have been working with this client? 7) who is your previous client? 8) how did you talk to your manager? 9) is there any gap( sitting idle) during change of these clients? Approved PERSON 2 ( EVC) 1) Where did you do masters? 2) What did you do after masters? 3) are you XXXX( role title)? 4) how do you report to your manager? 5) how long been working with you this employer? 6) what is your job responsibilties? Approved PERSON 3 ( FTE) 1) Do you work for this company? 2) Any layers? 3) What is your current role? 4) How long you been working with this company? 5) what was your previous role? Approved PERSON 4 ( EC) VO : are you here for h1B? me: yes VO: do you work for Dataserv ? me: yes VO: how long you are working for them ? me: 2yrs VO: who is your client? me: Prokarma VO: How long you working there? me: Since February VO: What do client do? me: They are solution providers for their customers. They are direct client to Dataserve. VO: I need further processing time for review the case and will contact you through email. 221g issued questions vary person to person......JUST BE CONFIDENT..... I recommend Ottawa only if you have all letters( Employer/vendor/client) clearly stated.(Please do not make decision based on this content. just a FYI) Thanks
  3. shanthibabu

    H1b stamping in Ottawa, required documents?

    · Valid original passport. You are recommended to have passport valid for at least six months beyond your interview date. · One photograph as per specification. · Barcode printout (DS160 confirmation page) · Original interview appointment letter. · Original Notice of Action-I797** · Copy of LCA** · Copy of LCA (if different from the present LCA) · Pay Stubs ** · Client Letter · · Bank Statements showing salary credits · W2’s (for the entire period of your stay in USA) · Employment contract letter signed by you and Employer Company(Original)** · · Letters verifying your employment history and specific work skills (promotion/ appreciation/project certification letters) (if available/applicable) · Work Experience Certificates, reference letters, appreciation certificates from previous employer/s (from the start of your career) · All Original Academic Credentials along with mark sheets(MS, BTECH, INTER, 10th)** · Updated Resume ** · Previous I-797A & LCA (if any) · · Employment Verification Letter** · Copy of Form I-129 & H1B Cover Letter** PLEASE VERIFY AGAIN>>>>MORE OR LESS SHOULD BE FINE>>>
  4. shanthibabu

    DS-160 Question on Temporary Work Visa information

    I still think Where do you intend to work: Name of the employer is : still a employer Address is what? client or employer is a question... please correct me if wrong and lets clarify this ..thank you
  5. shanthibabu

    OTTAWA H1B interview @ Oct 2.....Anyone?

    hi aish, I am in EVC model................. hi kiran....I dont see you contat.....can you post that again please.....myn is at 7:30am
  6. shanthibabu

    OTTAWA H1B interview @ Oct 2.....Anyone?

    Please contact me : reddy.msbabu@gmail.com.........thank you
  7. Hello, I have a question .... I am seeing lots of answers but still bit confusing...........what we should write in temporary work visa information section: Employer address or client address? I am sure who got through stamping process should help here...please help us out Thank you
  8. shanthibabu

    Successful H1B Stamping on Sept 12th Vancouver

    Hello Peace lover, Congrts on your stamping I have a questions for you, being you have a experience now..can you please answer this question for me DS-160 Question on Temporary Work Visa information - What did you write? client address or employer address I found many emails in murthy forum, but bit confusing....Let me know if you can help on this....thank you.... and also you can reach me " reddy.msbabu @ gmail
  9. shanthibabu

    DS-160 Question on Temporary Work Visa information

    There are two different answers listed....can you please tell us who actually went for stamping......that may helps us
  10. shanthibabu

    DS-160 Question on Temporary Work Visa information

    I have a same questions....did you find any answers? please share with me....
  11. Hello, I have scheduled my interview on oct 2nd @ Ottawa......Any one on same day? I am located in CST zone... Please feel free to send me suggestions/experiences and things to do....... Thank you