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  1. Both of them before boarding a flight in US. When coming back you get a new I-94 in Canada itself.
  2. Hi All, Thanks to murthy forum for all the information which helped me a lot in applying Canada visiting visa and H1B process. Hope this will help you all.... My background: EC Model with Masters in US. I had my successful interview last week and was a short one with questions about employer and education. Get all of your documents especially I-129,LCA,Employer verification letter and I-797 ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS for sure.... I stayed at Comfort Inn and took taxi for interview.You will have enough public transportation so no need to worry about renting a car..... You have some other motels and hostels near by consulate and depends on your budget.I picked Comfort Inn as it is affordable and for best internet connectivity. Coming to Canadian dollars, all the taxi drivers accept US dollars but if you would like to have some then check with your bank for international transaction fees to withdraw from Scotia bank,RBC bank or you can get it any western union office or your motel itself. If you need any help don't hesitate to email me at sonu14353@yahoo.com. All the best, Sonu.
  3. Sonu11

    Error in Canada TRV application?!?!

    Yes you can fill the new application with validated barcodes thatz not an issue
  4. Sonu11

    Cap Gap after OPT

    Hi Vamsi, Thank you for the response. I have one more question, as in my CAP GAP I20 it shows my previous employer in OPT as XYZ and my current employer is ABC. ABC has applied for my H1B and not XYZ. As my University has updated my employer as XYZ (mistakenly)instead of ABC and all my info regarding the stamping is intact with ABC and my University cannot change my Employer info on I20 as it has been already completed. So please suggest me how can I defend this during the interview as the Employer details differ because of University's mistake. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sonu11

    Cap Gap after OPT

    Hi Friends, My OPT expiry date was in July and my employer applied for H1B petition which got approved in June and the official start date was from October as I had approved H1B petition I have worked through cap gap period from july till september. so my question is what should I answer if asked that your OPT EAD ended in july and you were working in cap gap till september? please help.... Thanks, Sonu.
  6. Hi Guys, Does anyone want to share accomodation for Nov.13th Calgary appointment?? We are two guys as of now...please let me know with any suggestions or contact me to share accomodation at sonu14353@yahoo.com Thanks, Sonu.
  7. Sonu11

    H1b Visa Approved at Calgary Oct 16

    @vasuroao999, thank you buddy for sharing the info....when was your interview and if possible can you please share your experience
  8. Sonu11

    H1b Visa Approved at Calgary Oct 16

    @bio99, Congrats dude.... can you please tell me where did you stay and the transportation details as I have my interview in November and wanted to plan accordingly... Thanks in advance....
  9. Sonu11

    Canada TRV Question

    @rahulreddy, You can call up the Canadian embassy in Nebraska(if there is one) and check with them as I have called up the Canadian embassy in my city and they asked me to mail it to LA center as my state falls under LA center. Don't worry if you have all the required documents with appropriate photo size as mentioned then processing your case should be faster. Just a suggestion, if you have any friends who live in LA ask them to submit the application on your behalf by submitting an extra form(check with the canada consulate website) and include self-addressed return envelope.
  10. Sonu11

    Canada TRV Question

    Hi Rahul, Your state of residence NEBRASKA falls under Los Angeles Center. For more info check with link below. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/offices/missions/los-angeles.asp I have mailed the Original I-797 and got it back with approved TRV. I have a suggestion for you, there are two options to apply. 1.Mail all the required documents only by USPS, as the consulate does not accept any other commercial mailing services.(I have sent my documents by USPS-EXPRESS FLAT MAIL SERVICE with Return envelope included and got back in 9 working days), as the consulate web site says it takes 14 days minimum for processing,but depends on your documents. 2.Go to LA Center in person and apply for faster process about 2-3 working days. Hope it helps.
  11. Sonu11

    DS 160 Question

    you have to mention all the employers you have worked with for past 5 years including OPT also but make sure to mention that you have worked in OPT period when filling the job duties and carry the OPT EAD cards when attending the interview.
  12. you can either use the same ds 160 form application number provided it is not expired or can fill out new ds 160n and fill the new application number when rescheduling the appointment. As you have not submitted the DS 160 yet,it really doesn't matter which DS 160 number you are providing,as you can always update the DS 160 form number before 15 days of your appointment date BUT make sure the cosulate you selected when starting the application and the consulate you pick for interview are the same.... Hope it helps...
  13. Sonu11

    CALGARY - Admin processing

    @ragz21, hope everything goes well for you,all the best. I have my appointment in November, could you please suggest where to stay and best option for transportation. Any help with information would be really appreciated.
  14. Sonu11

    LOOMIES address -Calgary

    When you pick calgary location for visa appointment, this is the only address available for Calgary to passport pick up. 3000 - 15th Street NE T2E 8V6, Calgary, AB Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri (8am – 7pm) Saturday – Sunday (Closed)
  15. Sonu11

    Canada Visa

    @Octoberboy,Canadian Consulate does not accept any other mail services except USPS and please check with the TRV application process in canadian consulate website....as you have applied in person,so just a suggestion not to give wrong info...